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Previously on The Killing, Holder and Linden smoked together (friendship is magic), Bullet noticed that Kallie was wearing the ring Bullet gave her just before she disappeared in the video, and poor Bullet also helped Twitch after he was raped by his PO (so much rape). Also Peter Sargaard is still on this show but unfortunately he is being asked to play out an extremely clichéd death-row prison scenario (Veena Sud should be drug out in the streets and publicly stoned for daring to waste the talents of Peter Sarsgaard).



This week:

  • We begin with rain, so, so, so much rain AND then a car hits a girl. The driver is a teenager when he gets out to help the girl she runs off and then there is a dude in the head lights. This show is sometimes very creepy I need Holder to hold me. 
  • Kallie’s mom IS finally starting to become somewhat concerned her kid isn’t coming by to ask for shelter. Also her boyfriend Joe is WAY creepy even if I didn’t know he was the dude who made those creepy videos. During Holder and Linden’s interrogation of the hotel lady “Mama Something or Other” they find out she is creepy Joe’s mother.
  • The kid driver isn’t dead and he called the police. The girl might be Kallie. I really hope they find Kallie alive (I know this is naive). Linden follows Kallie’s trail from where came from and they find that she escaped from one of those red bio hazard bags all the dead bodies were in (see Kallie is a fighter).
  • Holder and Linden drive through all of the alleys close to the park the driver saw Kallie. They find a finger in a trash can and blood leading to the teen shelter.
  • Bullet finds our dogged pair of detectives and forces them in to taking her on the search for an injured Kallie. They are such an adorable family.


  • Bullet takes them to the bridge where those tools who beat up Twitch are. She tells Holder that he won’t get anywhere with his suit so he takes off the tie and puts back on his HOODIE JACKET combo of toughness. He then subdues an angry dog. Oh Holder it’s so awesome having you back. Linden and Bullet talk and smoke in the car. Because he is wearing his crime fighting hoodie Holder finds blood but no body in a large human sized pipe (sewer pipe not laid, I have no clue what this is called).
  • Holder gives Bullet a cigarette and starts a speech about the possibility of Kallie being dead and she punches him in the bread basket and takes off. Bullet is my favorite.
  • After an awkward encounter with Skinner’s wife Linden goes to Holder’s and guess whose is there Jewel Staite, Kaylee from Firefly (Holder’s GF and an ADA here) AND it’s Valentine’s Day and neither Holder nor Linden knew. It’s sad, I feel bad for Kaylee, it’s just like in Firefly when she was in love with the doctor but because he has to deal with his bat shit crazy sister he doesn’t notice her and WOW Firefly was so good also this might not be anything like that. Back the The Killing, their way fun V-day dinner is ruined by a tip from Bullet.

Valentine’s Day FUN!

  • Bullet leads them to a veterinarian but the girl they find is not Kallie. Linden goes with the girl to the hospital but Holder goes to console Bullet. Bullet asks if Kallie is probably dead and he says yes then they cuddle and it’s so sad.
  • In the prison story-line, the death-row inmates talk about redemption and forgiveness. Ray is visited by his sons’ foster mom about the kid come to visit his dad, Sarsgaard gets über creepy and just starts laughing but later with the inmates he is sincere.   


  • Even after she finds out about creepy Joe, Kallie’s mom goes to his hotel room. She tries to call Kalie again and finds her daughters phone in his bag! He then comes out of the shower! Run Kallie’s terrible mother RUN!

The Good

Holder’s interrogation style makes me laugh it’s so lovely after creepy dude in the rain.

Bullet’s insistence on helping Holder and Linden is lovely acting by all three parties and why it will be so sad if and when it goes off the rails.

The reappearance of the HOODIE made my night.

Holder’s sad cuddle with Bullet makes me have hope that Bullet might survive this season and find a family.



Linden tells Kallie’s mom that “people like you shouldn’t have kids,” I find this very rich coming from Linden who isn’t known for being mother of the year.


The Bad

The prison guards are terrible.

Crazy theory that I have

It really IS creepy Joe. This year Veena has said fuck-it with red herrings and she is just blatantly telling us who the bad guy but we will second guess ourselves this is how she will justify it’s MYSTERY. This is what she did with Rosie Larson, I always thought it was that Jamie kid and I was right!


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