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Because last week’s post was so popular I’ll be recapping season three of The Killing. Be prepared for lots of “I LOVE HOLDER” fangirling.


Previously on The Killing, Linden became obsessed with the Rosie Larson murder went nuts (like she did with the Ray Seward, Peter Sarsgaard, case three years prior), sent her son to Chicago, and left the police force to become a dockworker. Holder her handsome and hilarious partner ditched his hoodie/jacket combo for a shirt, tie, and trench coat to become a Sargent. He finds a dead working girl, which is similar to the Seward case. Holder’s charisma and her insanity/tenacity brings Linden back to the police force to see if Seward really did kill his wife or if it was the work of a serial killer.

In this weeks episode Linden goes back to the police (working for Skinner her ex-boyfriend/partner, played by Elias Koteas), she and Holder have a minor fight (not cool), Bullet is hurt and nobody but Lyric notices, and Ray tries to cut out his tattoo.


You two kids need to be together 4-evs!

The Good

Holder being pissed off that Linden was working the case behind his back, “the hell, Linden.” I feel like if basic cable would allow the F-word we would get so many awesome Holder quotes. Come on AMC do it for the people.

Holder laughing at Skinner for referencing serial killer movies like Seven in his “let’s find this serial killer” pep-talk.

The acting of the kids playing the runaways is great and makes me so sad. Bullet especially slays me, I just want to adopt her myself. She is like a baby Lisbeth Salander.


Holder chasing down the prick who raped Bullet and looks like he is peddling in kiddie porn.

Best thing in the world one of the runaways describing Holder as a “Eminem wannabe, with a molester stache” (oh Veena, that was fantastic).

Bullet and her crush Lyric holding hands when the kids sneak in to the crime scene to see the killing pond.

Holder joining Linden in identifying bodies when his stupid partner goes home “he needed his beauty sleep, but I’m already beautiful” –oh, Holder you handsome man you.


Given Linden’s job history is it really smart to give her job back, are we really sure that’s a good idea. Wouldn’t it be a much better idea for her to become a social worker and help the runaways (dammit, I almost forget that while being a horrible cop she is also a terrible mother). Maybe she can just marry Holder and he can take care of everyone.

Ray Seward gets a razor blade in soap, in the death row showers (Veena, I find this very hard to believe and you were told to stop writing unbelievable plot twists).


Linden goes and talks to Adrian (Ray’s son, who witnessed his mother’s murder and whom drew the picture that brought Linden to the killing pond) while he is a school, she runs away when the teacher get’s concerned. Why this is dumb, Linden’s a cop she can talk to the kid at school. She also tells the kid she will try and get him in to see his dad.

The Bad

Holder’s new partner telling Holder that Linden and Skinner used to bang. It’s bad because it made Holder have sad eyes.

Holder and Linden should be trying to find Bullet together, I hate it when they are apart.


Linden criticizing somebodies parenting really makes me roll my eyes.

The prison guard fucking with Ray is cliched and tiresome.

All the smoking Linden and Holder do apart –bring them together Veena– nobody should ever have to smoke alone.


Ray cutting himself in prison was gross.

Crazy theory that I have

This week I think the killer is Skinner the head of the task force (he seems skeevy but that could be because he had an affair with Linden).

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