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Rachel Zoe Office

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when I didn’t have cable, DVR, or know how to torrent.  The Rachel Zoe Project was premiering on Bravo, and fashion-obsessed me did not want to miss it, so I bought a season pass on iTunes. I paid $12+ to watch this show. I am really cheap so that’s a pretty big deal for me.

This season is much improved from the trope of abusing assistants that was so common in the first four seasons (thankfully It’s a Bad Brad World has managed to stay away from that too this year). We get to see how a business works now that Rachel Zoe Inc is a small corporation.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the show, past and present. [NOTE: None of these are Rodger. He is the worst.]

Taylor Jacobson

Rachel Zoe and Taylor

Taylor was the original Zoe assistant. She was bitter and mean and funny and had really cool parents. She loved fashion and was clearly great at her job but she got tired of doing pulls (aka going to Oscar De La Renta and picking a bunch of gowns for a shoot or client) and wanted a bigger part in the company. This was a few years before Rachel Zoe Inc formed, and Tay-Tay left and went out on her own.

Few celebrities/secretive

Rachel Zoe and Molly Sims

I enjoy that very few celebrities sign off to be shown on RZP. We don’t see Annie (Anne Hathaway) prep for the Oscars but instead we see Rachel freaking out at getting it all done while pregnant. It makes sense, anyway: the show is not about Anne Hathaway, but Rachel Zoe. Because this show is a celebrity desert, I get even more excited when one of her clients, even someone like Molly Sims, who has zero personality, appears on screen (I think she and Rachel are BFFs IRL).

Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski

In season 2, Brad Goreski was just what this show needed: a fashion-y dude that wasn’t snoozy Rodger (sorry, fans of Rodger, he is a total killjoy). As we find out later, Rachel has a soft spot for cute gay dudes who worship her, so Brad makes total sense. Brad fought hard with Taylor, then became friends with her, then left RZ for greener pastures: his own career as a stylist and fashion consultant. Honestly, the show has dragged a little without Brad and attempts to replace him (ugh, JOEY/Jeremiah) have not worked. But I’m thankful he’s still in our lives on It’s a Brad Brad World.

Rachel herself

Rachel Zoe in studio

Rachel is such a weirdo. I would not be friends with her but I am completely fascinated with her. She is wayyyy too into maxi dresses and decorating her house in top to bottom white. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her put actual food into her mouth. Probably because she doesn’t eat, she looks way older than she is. This is very unfortunate but I’m normal-size and people regularly think I’m eight years younger than I am so I encourage Rachel to gain some weight. But she’s funny and sweet and goofy. I love her friendship with her sister and her constant excitement about fashion and pretty things.

Sky-Sky is freaking adorable

Rachel Zoe and Skyler

Since Rachel and Rodger are rich and busy, they have a nanny. However, that does not stop their child, Skyler, from coming to work with them and kind of terrorizing the place. Rachel carries him around like an accessory, and of course he is immaculately dressed, but he’s one cute kid.

Fabulous interiors

Rachel Zoe Living Room

Rachel Zoe Dining Room

Rachel Zoe Skylar bedroom

Rach’s house, her studio, the NY and LA headquarters of Rachel Zoe Inc: they are all freaking gorgeous, even with all that white. The Covateur did a tour of her HQ, & it is extremely drool-worthy.

There’s a lot of shitty things about the show that piss me off: the obsession with page 6 as a source of drama (“pin thin,” Brad leaving Zoe & “stealing” Demi Moore, calling Rachel’s foray into designing a failure), especially since I think most of those stories are plants; the fakeness (it is a reality show, after all); Rachel’s valley girl lexicon (BANANAS) tires after a while; and some of the peripheral characters like VP Mandana are a bore. Since The Rachel Zoe Project is on Bravo, the production values are high, the colors are bright and the editing is slick. It’s entertaining and silly and I will be watching until Zoe’s inevitable fall from grace.







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