Smart ladies love dumb TV, The Wanted Life recap, Fight Like a Popstar


For the first time, this show is half an hour. REJOICE, fans of my recaps because this one is on time-ish. I am filled with joy and glee and at no point did I want this show to die a quick death while I was watching it. Progress!

The Wanted 3 01

Our heroes begin the episode with a toast to LA and their experiences, like going to Rock & Reilly’s every night.

The Wanted 3 03

Max feeds beer to a wooden alien–iMax, they call him.

The Wanted 3 05

They throw him in the pool and say he’s “swimming.” But there also appear to be some issues since he’s wooden–Nareesha says he’ll mold! Awww, she is SO CONSIDERATE.

Then she yells that Max isn’t allowed in the pool because there’s chemicals in there. I want to know more about these chemicals. Is Max allergic to them or is the pool being super cleaned?

The Wanted 3 15

Another good vignette:

Nano to Nathan: “You need to watch what you’re putting in your body. Orally.”

Nathan: “!!!”

Nano: “Food.”

The Wanted 3 06


The Wanted 3 08

He’s interviewing the band on his dumb radio program.

The Wanted 3 07

The interview also includes a visit to a kid’s hospital, where literally none of them know who The Wanted is. But these moms do!

Then this happened and it was totally adorbs:

The Wanted 3 09

The band perform “All Time Low” for the kids and a giant dancing teddy bear.

The Wanted 3 10

Poor Nathan is just standing there drinking water. At least he doesn’t pretend that he’s singing.

The Wanted 3 27

Back in the manse, Nathan announces he wants to do a Wanted World event for the fans in LA.

The Wanted 3 11

The boys come up with a few ideas–bowling, go-karts, “paintballin'” (at least they weren’t stereotypical girl things). Max suggests a barbeque at the mansion and Nareesha thinks it’s such terrible idea and says it twenty times.

The Wanted 3 13

Siva interviews and agrees with his woman about having fans at the house.

The Wanted 3 14

There are more arguments about this barbeque–probably leading to the “fight” part of this episode title. Siva calls Max a cocksucker, who leaves. Jay changed his mind after Max and Siva’s fight and thinks that go-karts would be better. Tom is pissed and links this to the Vegas trip. They all think a barbeque for the fans is good because it’s breaking all the the rules and that’s what The Wanted is about (I will remind you here that they are a boy band that was put together via national auditions). Kelsey also thinks it’s a shitty idea, which leads Nathan to make an asshole complaint about the girlfriends. I am sick of the fighting! Just fire Siva, that kid sucks.

The Wanted 3 12

ANOTHER doctor’s appointment for Nathan. Honestly, I am bored with this story because we know how it turns out.

Max says it’s funny that they can decide what songs go on an album but they can’t agree on a fan event. Lots of finger pointing at Siva and cries of “it’s all about the fans.”

The Wanted 3 16

Majority ruled and party it is! HERE COME THE LADIEZ.

The Wanted 3 18

The Wanted 3 19

There’s an inflatable bungee run and dunk tank. A girl dunks Nathan and the rest of the boys hug her, it’s so cute.

The Wanted 3 20

Nano gives the winner of a prize 7 minutes alone with her favorite member and THE CUTEST girl EVER wins & picks Jay. Seriously, grrrl, if you ever want to write about your day with The Wanted on SLLS for tens of readers, just let us know.

The Wanted 3 26

He’s exercising and she’s cheering him on.

The Wanted 3 21

She says, “work harder! There’s a beer at the end of this room.” AWWW she really knows him. I am obsessed with her.

The Wanted 3 24

Private performance.

The Wanted 3 23

There’s even a callback to iMax from the beginning of the episode.

The Wanted 3 22

All the girls have their phones out, recording it. The Wanted does “All Time Low” FOR THE SECOND TIME IN ONE EPISODE.

The Wanted 3 25

Max: “I think Siva actually had a good time and I was right and he was wrong.”

Siva: “the day was really good and the fans are happy.” Then they decide to get hammered. This is how every episode should end.

On the next episode of The Wanted Life: our heroes meet Michelle Obama and Jay needs voice lessons!

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