Smart ladies love dumb TV, True Blood season 7 wants and spoilers


After the season finale of True Blood I wrote about what I wanted for season 7 and it basically consisted of more humor, more tough Sookie, getting rid of the newbs (mainly James and Violet) and not adding any new characters, more romance, and no new SUPES.

Recently while watching both the very first couple of episodes and the Farewell to True Blood Special I realized that what I really want for this final season is to go back to Merlotte’s and how people deal with all of this supernatural shit in a small town. I was shocked at how much I really enjoyed early Sookie, Arlene, Sam, Jason and especially Tara and Lafayette. In fact I think what I want most of all for this last final season is for someone to remember that a lot of the people in this fucking cast are really fucking funny and to not relegate them to the background (Lafayette, season 6 was not your friend; in fact, I don’t even remember how you ended last season). As much as I appreciated new showrunner Brian Buckner’s attempts to recreate the supernatural allegory about the civil rights of all people (people of color, LGTB community, the disabled, etc.) that Alan Ball intended it to be we still ended the season with new foes (zombie vamps) and a very unclear idea of how in the hell Bon Temps and its citizens were going to end as the show drew to a close. From the trailers for season 7 it looks like we just might have to burn the whole thing to the ground and for everyone to move on (move on Tara, you deserve a better vamp life then the human life you gave up).


Wish List

So now that I have more perspective on what I truly want here is my ultimate season 7 wish list:

  • Pam saves Eric from dying on the mountain but instead of going back to Louisiana they realize that they are immortal and move to someplace infinitely cooler like Stockholm, where they become BFFs with Jens Lekman and Robyn. [I would watch this show if that happened. -M] They also make Willa and Tara move too –big Northman family reunion in Stockholm. Let’s be real for a moment: if you are a 1000 year old vampire who is financially secure, why the fuck would you live in Shreveport Louisiana?

This might be the gif we use the most.

  • Lafayette is in 75% of every episode. He hangs out exclusively with Arlene and all they do is roll their eyes, drink heavily, and make catty comments about the bullshit that is going on in Bon Temps. So basically instead of us having to see Bill and Sookie fall back in love we just hear about it from drunk Lala and Arlene. Nelsan Ellis and Carrie Preston better leave this show for far better material, preferably by both being given full season contracts on The Good Wife. Nelsan would be a fabulous investigator. [I don’t know, a little of CP’s character on The Good Wife goes a long way. -M]
  • I don’t care what happens to Andy and his fairy daughter, nor do I care about Holly and her sons. They are nice people so I don’t want them to die, I just want them to move to the suburbs of New Orleans to live better lives. [Maybe they can hang out with our friend Leslie! She would like to be friends with a fairy. -M]
  • I don’t even really remember why I hated James and Violet but they should immediately die so that Jason and Jessica can get back together only so that each of them can have a happy ending.
  • Alcide already got rid of that terrible long hair but I am always appreciative of the facial scruff.


  • Nicole and Sam have a nice child and are totally normal and happy instead of weird and swiftly thrown together which was kind of skeevy. I like Sam Trammel, he has a mellow sense of humor, and I wish good things for him after True Blood and playing the dad in Fault of Your Stars. Jurnee Smollett was too good for what this show became in its later seasons so let’s hope she goes on to do great things.

  • I guess I want Bill and Sookie together since that’s what is going to happen anyway. I realized a long time ago that my two least favorite characters are the two people billed first. Bill and Sookie are boring, they deserve each other.
  • Lastly I want Anna Camp to return in the final episode only to burn down the entire town, while giving a moving soliloquy on life. [I LOVE THIS. She is just so good. -M]


Here are spoilers that I have gathered from the interwebs!


  • After the season 6 finale Brian Buckner said that this season would focus a lot on the Sookie, Bill and Alcide love triangle. I fucking hate love triangles but they are nothing new to this show.
  • In episode 2 we will finally see the Eric and Jason dream love scene we have wanted since Eric gave Jason his blood in episode 9 of last season.
  • Rutger Hauer AKA Grandpa Niall will be back, thank goodness he was one of my favorite characters last year –LADYHAWKE 4EVA!
  • In the episode descriptions I have seen it looks like Pam will find Eric in episode 2.
  • This is the best thing from EW, “There’s a clever twist involving Eric that could set up an exciting arc for Sookie. Whether he is dead-dead or just undead — we won’t spoil that here — he will definitely spark some suspense this season. Even if Sookie ends up with Bill (Stephen Moyer), there’s enough of Sweden’s favorite sunbather to satisfy. A human for every vampire? Then I’ll take Eric, please”

Gifs from imhereforsookieinked-rose, and truebloodsims.


  1. I think you’re gonna get some of your wishes. They are pairing up James and Lafayette, with the intention of moving Jessica and Jason back together is my bet. I think that Pam and Eric will be off on their own most of the time, if you read the synopses of the episodes. Tara dies in the opening sequence though, so that’s over with. I also suspect that they are gonna kill off Sam’s wife and make him another potential suitor for Sookie. Just my two cents.

    • Thanks for reading!!!

      I heard they were killing somebody off. I’m kind of sad it’s Tara she was a great character initially who somehow ended up being the shows punching bag. I really liked her with Pam for the brief time they were together.

      I wouldn’t be surprised about the Sam and Sookie coupling that’s prominent in the books even though the show and books parted ways back in season 4.

      Thank you so much for your two cents 🙂

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