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Last weeks The Sound of Music Live! was hate watched POPULAR with so many people that we will most likely be getting more of these events in the future (in fact NBC is already working on putting another one together for next year) and because I am a nut for musicals here is a list of musicals we should see LIVE! next (these are in addition to the ones I listed in my pre-SOML post).

More Julie Andrews classics


Part of why SOML was so popular was because people were so angry –including myself– about ruining an iconic Julie Andrews musical so let’s ruin MORE! Here are three movie musicals Dame Julie starred in:

Mary Poppins

Nothing is more beloved or FAMILY than Mary Poppins the musical in which beloved Julie Andrews won her Oscar for (It is owned by Disney, which owns ABC so if this is done Live! it won’t be on NBC. See more musicals that fall into this category down below).

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Sutton Foster of the late and great Bunheads won her first Tony for her work in this musical. It’s set in the twenties and has room for not one but TWO leading ladies (I would go for one pop-star and one Broadway baby, NBC). I vote for Josh Groban as Jimmy the male lead because I feel he should act more and he can handle the singing.

Victor Victoria

For an older and mature Broadway Diva, say, Audra “ran away with SOML” McDonald. You can get a singer/actor to play the James Garner role.

Musicals with good roles for pop stars


Another reason SOML was a ratings smash was because we wanted to see a pop-star fail or succeed while trying to act and sing! I personally feel like we should get more Broadway stars on TV but I unfortunately do not speak for all Americans –your loss– so here are musicals with large casts that network execs can fill with pop stars!

Alexander’s Ragtime Band

If you have never seen this movie then I DEMAND you go out and watch it because it is that terrific. It has room for lots of talent–there are two leads and then three meaty supporting roles, one of which was played by Broadway legend Ethel Merman in the movie. This would be perfect for Amy Adams in the Alice Faye role and Sutton Foster in the Ethel Merman role (OH FUCK NBC MAKE THAT SHIT HAPPEN). I also vote for Josh Groban in either the the Dom Amici  or Jack Haley role. [Josh Groban for everything! SERIOUSLY WE LOVE HIM. -M]


So many characters in Company so many meaty solos. The clip is from the Neil Patrick Harris version that was shown in movie theaters (I totally went and saw it). You can fill this sucker of with a diverse cast from various age groups. Bonus: it’s Stephen Sondheim (I highly recommend the documentary Six by Sondheim currently on HBO). [I love Company, plus it would be fabulous to have so many people watch a contemporary (read: post-1960s) musical. -M]


This musical is family friendly, if you find turning your teenage granddaughter into a courtesan family friendly (in all honesty I watched this movie with my grandmother for years and the whole prostitute thing flew by my head until I was a teenager and had a what the fuck awakening –still love it). It also has many meaty roles that span several age groups. Selena Gomez would make an AWESOME Gigi. [I had the same experience, not knowing it was about a courtesan. Pretty Parisian sets!!! “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.” -M]


Do I really need to explain this one? Bette Midler did this in a TV movie in the nineties but it would be fan-fucking-tastic LIVE with a Diva in the lead (let’s wait five years and cast Audra McDonald as Mama Rose).


I have seen this in about 15 pieces on the interwebs as the musical for NBC to do next and that cause it is ten years old and still hugely popular (pun intended) AND has not one but two female leads (so many pop-stars, let’s cast Selena Gomez as Elphaba and Taylor Swift as Glinda). Josh Groban can play one of the male characters –seriously people he needs to act more.

Disney Musicals


I could actually feel the ABC execs salivating when the ratings came in for SOML as ABC is owned by Disney and therefore has a treasure trove of musicals from screen to Broadway to choose from.

Beauty and the Beast

The only animated movie to ever be nominated for best picture was transplanted from stage to screen pretty seamlessly would be pretty fantastic live since the dude who plays Lumiere is on FIRE.

The Lion King

Let’s face it this would be AWESOME –I know that when people sing songs from this it is amazing, since a contestant on Idol did it last year and Melissa and I wanted her to win it all. [The fact that it was a stage show that still tours the world makes it even more popular. Think of the ratings, ABC! -M]

The Little Mermaid

Doesn’t everyone love The Little Mermaid –my only wish is that we update the book to make Ariel a little more badass. [The music from this is so great! Side note: I have seen TLM about 50 times because when my teachers were out in middle school, they would have their substitutes play it for us. -M]


Cute boys! You could have this star a Jonas. In fact as you will see from this video a Jonas introduced this at the Tony’s. You could also cast all of One Direction. [I never liked Newsies, but this could really draw young viewers. I like the Jonas’, especially Joe now. -M]

Holiday Musicals


I talked about this last Thursday when I suggested that NBC should have chosen to do White Christmas Live! it would be more fun if the musical was tailored to the holiday.

Babes in Toyland

When I was a kid this was on in December every year and I loved it (it is also owned by Disney).

Holiday Inn

This is the musical that brought us White Christmas. It has four leads and lot’s of dancing but it does need a bit of an update, as there is an unfortunate number done in blackface (which is NEVER OK).


Mame isn’t really a Christmas movie but portions of it take place during Christmas and it has so many wonderful songs, plus it can star not one but two awesome ladies!

Meet me in St. Louis

Yes, people will be upset that someone is trying to be Judy Garland, but we all survived Carrie Underwood as Maria, we can survive a pop-star as Esther. [You can add so many extra Christmas songs! Think about it, NBC! -M]

Promises, Promises

Nothing say the holidays like Burt Bacharach (okay that’s not a thing but I love Burt Bacharach). [Another good one! This is based on the movie The Apartment, which is seemingly always on TV. -M]

She Loves Me

This is the musical based on The Shop Around the Corner which is what the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic romcom You’ve Got Mail is based on. It takes place in Hungary during Christmas at a shop.

Bonus video from Glee and their FABULOUS, Let’s Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time

Katie, you know what I am going to say: THERE IS NO SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS ON THIS LIST. It should be updated anyway to be less sexist but I want everyone in America to be humming “Bless Your Beautiful Hide.” And wouldn’t it be insane to see them try to stage the barn-raising scene live? -M

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