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An ode to Triple D

I think it’s safe to say from this blog that I, Katie watch a lot of TV. Some might say I watch too much. I often watch TV when there is nothing on or more precisely, when I am bored and I want background noise while surfing the interwebs. I used to just watch the Food Network non-stop but I lost the ability to watch Rachel Ray AND they stopped running Good Eats. I then moved on to HGTV but even they have started packing in hour long shows with predictably bullshit problems (if I hired that dame from Love It or List It I would fire her for the errors she doesn’t foresee that a reputable designer would OR they just make her do that to bring up DRAMA, I’m thinking the later which makes the show detestable for compromising my intelligence).

Here is a list of my go to shows when I just need something to watch and I don’t care about quality (though at least one of these shows is legitimately good TV).

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (aka Triple D)

Oh Guy Fieri, how is it that you are such a douche but I can’t help but watch you. I can waste hours of my life watching Triple D. This show makes me hungry without making me want to cook. It makes me miss living in Pittsburgh (and surrounding Western Pennsylvania) a place with a great diner food culture. I am proud to admit that I have eaten at four Triple D restaurants all of which have been great! [We have two Triple D restaurants in Richmond and one was me and K’s college hangout! My family loves dives, mostly because my dad is wicked cheap, so I am also addicted to this show. -M]

House Hunters and House Hunters International

House Hunters is my favorite go-to show. It is similar to game in that you can try and guess which of the three houses the people will pick. It is also fantastic for snarking on the people who go on reality TV shows. There is a particular brand of asshole on House Hunters: they are overly picky, jerks to their spouse, have no concept for those of us who have kitchens the size of the closets they deem too small, never understand the idea of paint, have know love of charm or old, and I could really go on. There are so many of them that I often think the producers ask them to be even more jerky.

House Hunters International comes in two flavors, beach location and everything else. I usually hate the beach locations, these are normally vacation homes, the owners are jerks, and/or really boring condos with great views. My favorite locations are in Europe (confession I’ve never been out of the US), the people usually are moving their full time and/or everything is old and beautiful. [My friend was on House Hunters recently and she concedes it is totally fake. I am obsessed with people exposing the fakeness on the Internet. -M]

No Reservations

I heart Anthony Bourdain, I have read all of his books and the week his new show starts on CNN he will most likely be HDOTW. This is probably the best show on this list. It is part travel documentary and part cooking show. Tony is a total asshole but he deeply cares about local cuisine and the show is often beautiful. It’s on Netflix so I watch it whenever I truly can’t find something to watch on TV. I highly recommend the episode on Beirut because it shows you what it’s like to try and do a travel show when another countries starts bombing the country you are filming in. They never stopped the cameras and were able to capture the fear and then boredom of being trapped in a hotel while waiting to be evacuated. [I have spent many sick days watching this show. Tony makes me feel better. So. Much. Booze. -M]

CSI, Law & Order, NCIS, and House

I am a procedural junkie; in fact I am currently watching an episode of House because Triple D and House Hunters weren’t on when. When I was in college I watch God knows how many hours of Law & Order. I got hooked on CSI and NCIS because they are on heavy rotation on USA.  I mostly appreciate these shows for following a pattern and not having seasonal arcs so that I can read a magazine, book, or internet and only have to pay a little bit of attention nor does it matter which season the episode is in. [I used to stay up all night with K watching L&O when we lived together! We would be up so late we’d watch ABC World News Now every day. That’s how we fell in love with Anderson Cooper. -M]

Pictures from Food Network, HGTV, The Travel Channel and FOX

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