Smart ladies love dumb TV, what I want True Blood to do for season 7


True Blood season 6 is over and there was a lot of good (Sookie started to think about the consequences of her actions and the stories were more concise) and a lot of bad (the werepack from hell and the waste of talent like Joe Manginello, Rutina Wesley, and Nelsan Ellis which were the most egregious) but what do we want for season 7.  Showrunner Brian Buckner (the cast call him Bucky so that my friends will be how I refer to him cause it’s HILARIOUS) gave lots of interviews this week because fans went cray cray after the finale and mostly to defend his first season as showrunner since Alan Ball the creator left at the end of season 5 (which was terrible). Bucky did a really fantastic job of being more character driven and pairing down the amount of plot threads they had going, something Ball hasn’t been able to do since season 2. So he should proud of that but less proud of the finale which was kind of terrible.


This will never get old. SWEDISH PENIS!!!

The biggest part of the finale is that it was rushed and confusing and all of the character development the writers had worked on was thrown out the window to wrap up the season six plots so that we could fast forward to what we will be dealing with in season 7.  Bucky seems to want to be even more concise and character driven next season which I think is a good season, so though I did not like the finale there was enough in it to make me interested in next season. He also addressed the biggest story from the finale (and no I’m not talking about the penis), I’m talking about how it looked like he had killed off fan favorite Eric Northman. Here’s the truth kids, unless you see Eric Northman as a giant pile of goo he is not dead because he is on contract and HBO is a company and they pay him $225,000  an episode (most likely more for next season) whether he is in it for a minute or the entire thing and they do not want to pay an actor that much money if he is a ghost. So chill!

Eric in the mountain

Here are my FIVE suggestions for next year.

1. More humor

Eric is Adorable

More of this please!

Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Mangienello, Nelsan Ellis, and most of the cast are really really funny in interviews. PLEASE True Blood  writers let’s embrace this. Both Alcide and Lafayette have a past history with Eric that was funny; now that we are going back home to Bon Temps, we need to explore this. I suggest having Alcide (a contractor) help Eric and Pam fix up Fangtasia so that it can be a place for non-zombiefied vamps to go and hang-out/find non-infected humans to forge relationships with. Rutina Wesley was great as Sam’s bartender she will be fantastic as a bartender for Fangtasia. Also there is no greater foil for a self-righteous Bill than Eric Northman–it’s comedy gold. I laughed every time Bill would snap “Eric” in the penultimate episode this season (and I very rarely laugh with Bill). True Blood is best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously–let’s make this a priority in season 7.

2. Tougher Sookie

Eric telling sookie she is tough

Eric needs to come back to tell Sookie to toughen the fuck up!

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHE CAN BLAST LIGHT FROM HER HANDS AND READ MINDS, LETS LET HER SAVE HERSELF FOR ONCE. Sookie is NOT an idiot she is tough but whenever we want drama we make her a meek idiot. STOP THIS! Let Sookie be as tough as Pam and Tara. Anna Paquin is so much better when she gets to swear and be tough.

3. No more people and that means dumping Violet

More Eric

Please Bucky no more people and fire Violet!

Willa and Adalyn had story-lines this past season and we are invested in them but Violet is not necessary–let’s get rid of her early in the season. Also Jurnee Smolett is a great actress let’s not waste her like we have so far and give her a story-line that is smarter than she is pregnant with the mayors baby.

4. More romance

Lala and Eric Lala and Eric

And by more romance I mean romance for those who haven’t gotten some lately. Nelsan Ellis is hot, give him lots of dudes to screw! Jason Stackhouse needs to be playing the field and not giving creepy Violet head over and over again in his basement, as it’s a waste of his loveliness. Now that Sookie is with Alcide, I want to see his abs on the regular. The only person I don’t want to get any is Bill. Let’s make Bill single forever, I don’t need to see Moyer naked it skeeves me out.


Eric and Alcide Eric and Alcide

Niall can stay because I love Rutger Hauer but NO MORE fairies. Alcide can stay but NO MORE werewolves except maybe his dad because I have fond memories of John Doggett. And I know that you said that these Hep-v vamps  are more rage monsters and less zombies lets keep them zombies because the thing about zombies is that they do not have personalities and therefore we can kill these things without learning about them.

Bonus wants

More Pam!

Pam Pam

More Sarah Newlin…BRING BACK ANNA CAMP! [I don’t even watch this show and I know Anna Camp is the best part. Since she’s no longer a part of The Mindy Project (dumb), she should be on True Blood for as long as it lasts. -M]

Sarah Newlin

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  1. you need to get rid of willa and violet because neither one of them adds anything to the show

    • I don’t really mind Willa at least we already kind of know her but I don’t want to waste the last season trying to get to know Violet, she is pretty much the worst. We can keep that James kid cause he is kind of sexy.

      Thanks for reading!

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