Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK


X Factor UK returned this weekend, and since I follow a bunch of UK gossip and X Factor sites on Twitter and Facebook I was bombarded with information while the show was going on (it starts 7:45pm UK time, or 2:45pm east coast time). Their publicity machine was on it. So I ignored everything for three days and settled in to watch episode one last night, while also reading my book for book club because I like to multitask.

Two things I know about this show: the auditions last FOREVER and everyone who is a finalist will be shown auditioning, as those people have already been chosen by now.

The show began with a ten minute long recap featuring host Dermot O’Leary walking through scenes of past triumphs (Olly Murrs, One Direction), then the announcement that we were in London–not really for the whole show, because unlike American Idol, X Factor cuts all the cities together and for ten seconds pretends we are just in one city, even though Tulisa wore seven different outfits last night. We then spend five minutes with some Pixie Lott-obsessed kid, who of course sings like a frog and is terrible.

I’m only going to post the good memorable auditions, sorry readers.

I would like Jahmene more if he did fewer runs and didn’t over sing but he has a nice tone.

Ella sang a song she wrote and it was amazing (as far as these competitions go). People are already calling her “The New Adele.” Slow down, Internet, she sang one song on a reality show.

There’s always a surprise each season, someone who doesn’t look like a pop star (the judges, particularly Louis Walsh, LOVE that term), but has a crazy good voice. Congrats Curtis, you are this year’s Craig Colton!

Mel B, who was a guest judge because I don’t think Nicole had moved to the UK yet, hated Curtis. I wish we would hire her in the US because she is a total bitch.

According to last year’s numbers, we have at least eight more weeks before we get to live shows. Can we make it?

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