Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK live show three


The judges went into deadlock AGAIN during Sundays vote, causing MK1 to be eliminated. I know why the Brits call this show the Fix Factor now. Here are my favorites from Saturday’s live performance of X Factor UK.

Cutest friendship

Lucy holding Rylan‘s hand when he got his chinstrap and beard shaved off. They also got wasted at a club and kicked out of the hotel where the contestants are living! So adorbs, you guys!

Best hats

I’m sad MK1 won’t be on the show any more because I will miss their fashion. Sim’s hat was completely covered in gold pins and I want to steal it.

Worst catchphrase

Nicole calling MK1 “sha mazing.” Two words. Also “he’s got passion in his pants and ain’t afraid to show it” is a runner up. Pretty much everything Nicole says. She called Rylan “gorge-ois.” She’s also obsessed with saying the word balls.

Worst dancing

Christopher did “Waiting for a Star to Fall,” a song I loved when I was seven, but I fear “club classics” was not the best theme for him because he can’t dance. He seems like the sweetest dude ever though, so he has that.

Least surprising

And it’s a tie!

Union J. Whenever X Factor UK does “club classics” there is a 100% chance we’ll hear “When Love Takes Over”…


“You’ve Got the Love.” Even though Ella is my fave, this song choice is a snooze.

Take that, Seacrest!

One thing Khloe Kardashian will never do while hosting is a huge dance number followed by a lovely gymnastic flip . Dermot O’Leary rules!

But then again…

Maybe Dermot and Ryan aren’t so different. With District 3.


Jade Ellis, this jumpsuit (?) is horribly fug. AND THE SHOES! No one called you out on it, either.

Song that doesn’t need extra runs tossed in

“Say a Little Prayer.” STOP IT JAHMENE! Oversinging is no one’s friend.

Best Performance

I’m not going to pick Ella again, but I really enjoyed James doing “Sexy and I Know It.” Gary called it “performance of the series.” What about Kye, Gary? WHAT ABOUT KYE?

I didn’t forget

Kye. He was better than last week? Meh.

And to go out, here’s Louis Walsh wearing a turtleneck, or as it is called in the UK, a “polo neck.”

Note: now no one can hang out with Rylan! What mean judges!

All screencaps by me.

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