Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK live show eight


This was the first week the contestants on X Factor UK sang two songs each and the results, with a few exceptions, were pretty mediocre. The themes, ABBA/Motown, had so much potential that was squandered on really poor song choice.

Furthermore, my darling Rylan was sent home after a showdown with Union J. I know it was probably time, but this show will not be as fun without him.

Case in point:

Gary: “That was a bit Eurovision too for me.”

Rylan: “There’s nothing wrong with a bit of Eurovision, G, come on!”

Nothing wrong indeed.

Weirdest staging

There were so many this week. UGH.

I don’t know what was going on when James did “SOS.” There were five screens with his face on them, three at one angle and two and another. None of them were in sync with what he was actually singing. It was a few seconds off.

Christopher and the modern dancers (??) during “Fernando.”


The evil chess pieces during Rylan’s “Mamma Mia” were so bizarre.

Worst hair

Jahmene’s mom looked like a Melissa Leo character, with her braids and thick bangs.

She cleaned up ok! She still needs a haircut.

The Christopher saga

I’m actually pretty pissed he’s not going home this week. He was in the tabs again! I wish I lived in England and could read these regularly.

He’s also not sorry if he’s the reason Ella went home. ASS.

Best jackets

It’s pretty obvious that Union J takes this by a mile.

Cutest Dermot moments

Dancing with Nicole.

Congratulating Jaymi on being strong this week (AKA coming out in the press).

Worst song choice

Seriously, Christopher, you could do a number of wonderful songs but you pick another bad 80s tune–Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling”? That is not relevant to the music industry at all.

Best Performance, ABBA

Despite the aforementioned weird staging, James Arthur’s “SOS” was the best of the ABBAs.

Best Performance, Motown

Rylan really won my heart with this dancey Supremes medley. And his voice sounds so much better!

All screencaps by me.

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