Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK live show eight


Nicole Shamazing 2

After last week, it was pretty obvious that Tamera’s time was up, which is a total shame, because I thought she rocked this week. I’m at the point where I don’t want anyone to go home because each contestant brings so much each week in terms of diversity of performance and song choice. Next week is going to be so tough.

Worst Hair

Luke, twice.

X Factor 8 Luke Friend 4

This braided thing, yuck.

X Factor 8 Luke Friend 3

His terrible fro wig from when he was a child.

Best Hair


X Factor 8 Sam Bailey 1

Go, Sam, GO! So freaking glam.

X Factor 8 Tamera Foster 2

I WANT MY HAIR TO DO THIS. I am desperate for big hair.

Worst Accessory


X Factor 8 Rough Copy 6

Backpack/flannel shirt tied around the waist, Rough Copy. Even Sharon gave them shit for this.

Backstage, Caroline Flack had him empty out his backpack:

X Factor 8 Rough Copy 2

X Factor 8 Rough Copy 1

There was also a cell phone in it and Carmex, which is so perfect.

Best Professional

X Factor 8 Tamera Foster 4

Tamera’s hypnotist, who supposedly helped her to remember her lyrics. Sadly, he could not prevent her from being sent home.

Worst Professional

X Factor 8 Nicholas McDonald 3

This guy who taught Nicky to drive (Louis gave him lessons for his birthday).

X Factor 8 Nicholas McDonald 1

Nicky hit a cone.

X Factor 8 Nicholas McDonald 2

But it appeared he could parallel park, which is more than I can say for 90% of the people who live in my town.

I hate my arms, too

I don’t know why I didn’t notice this about Sam before. She doesn’t wear sleeveless tops; instead, she always has on these netting sleeves.

X Factor 8 Sam Bailey 3

X Factor 8 Sam Bailey 2


X Factor 8 Nicholas McDonald 7

Nicholas McDonald keeps getting critiques that he is not acting young enough so he watched some videos of music being made by his contemporaries.

Then during “Just the Way You Are” (GAG), he wore this heart print shirt:

X Factor 8 Nicholas McDonald 6

Which brought me immediately back to this:

Harry Styles heart shirt

Harry’s worn that Burberry shirt twice so it had to be intentional to try to connect Nicky to a younger artist.


X Factor 8 Tamera Foster 5

Tamera sang in a pile of trash.

X Factor 8 Sam Bailey 4

This was from the X Factor musical, that I mentioned last week! Sam and Rough Copy went to something where the cast performed a few numbers.

X Factor 8 Rough Copy 8

Rough Copy thought it was hilarious!

X Factor 8 Sam Bailey 7

And Sam met Harry Hill!

Luke Friend smile

Here’s a gif of Luke smiling just because I can.

Favorite Performance

It was definitely NOT Luke’s version of that shitty Mumford & Sons song. After listening to the new One Direction album (shut UP, Katie), this band has had way too much influence on contemporary British music. I loved both of Tamera’s performances. She made Rihanna musical, with melodies and everything! And “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was completely lovely.

I also really liked Nicholas McDonald’s version Take That’s “Greatest Day.” He showed so much personality! I felt so proud of him and it was super cute that he named Gary as his hero.

Nicole gif from freakyscherzinger, Luke gif from starscanbesoblinding. All screencaps by me.

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