Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK live show four


The impending doom of Sandy made it difficult to blog this week (K & I are thankfully both ok!), but I really wanted to watch and recap X Factor UK, knowing it was my favorite theme week–Halloween! Some people did awesome (the boys including Kye), others did not fare as well (poor Jade, you are still my favorite, girl). Jade was ultimately sent home, with the judges actually making a decision this week, voting her out over Union J. And Rylan lives another day in X Factor.


Best Gary-isms

He was on fire again this week. When Rylan showed him (guest mentor) Robbie Williams’ supportive tweets, he said, “I don’t think he does his own tweets.” He also said he was jealous of Robbie’s career when “Let Me Entertain You” came out, which I think was so cute. Gary FTW!

Best Cameo

2 seconds of Daniel Craig in a tux: always appreciated.


Jade Ellis at the Skyfall premiere.

Best Staging

Ella Henderson’s haunting performance of “Bring Me Back to Life.”

Best Hair, non-Ella edition

So glad Kye Sones has a quiff now!

Most improved personality

I am so warming up to Jahmene. He sang for Samuel L. Jackson, his biggest fan! He’s funny and I like the way he dresses. He still puts too many runs in his songs, but whatever.

Girl, are you ok?

I don’t think Tulisa’s heart is in this anymore. She seems sad. This was the most sass she showed all night.

Worst staging

This car during Union J’s performance.

Why wasn’t I invited?

Rylan had a birthday party. Union J dressed as doctors with blood on their outfits? Whatever.

Nicole might be kind of awesome

She sang Happy Birthday to newly-blond Rylan in this outfit.

Funniest moments

Dan from District 3 being unable to dance with a cane without hurting himself or others in their Clockwork Orange-influenced rehearsal.

Best Performance

Once again it was James Arthur, doing “Sweet Dreams,” who should hook up with a hip hop producer as soon as his time on the show is over. Please no cheesy songs! I love his voice.

I didn’t forget

Christopher Maloney, who sang another boring 80s song, or Lucy Spraggan, who was sick and was given a by week.

All screencaps by me.

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