Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK live show nine


Nicole and Luke 1

Nicole and Luke 2

I think these gifs are from a different week but I love them anyway.

I hear the outcomes of the Sunday episodes on social media and as soon as I saw the bottom two of Luke Friend and Rough Copy, I knew my boys were toast. The results were deadlocked so they had to send home the lowest vote getter: my dear sweet boys of Rough Copy.

These are pretty much the most boring finalists I’ve seen since I started watching the show. I can honestly say what I’m most looking forward to next week is Nicole’s dress.

Judges updates

X Factor 9 Gary Barlow 2

X Factor 9 Gary Barlow 1

Gary is still dashingly handsome.

X Factor UK 9 Nicole 1

Nicole looks amazing, always.

X Factor 9 Sharon O

Mrs. O wore the outfit I have coveted most of the whole season. That top is SO FUCKING CUTE and it was probably $800.

X Factor 9 Louis Walsh

Louis introduces Nicholas EVERY TIME as “He’s from Scotland, Nicholas McDonald!” Seriously old man, WTF?

Favorite new X Factor employee

X Factor 9 Luke Friend 2

X Factor 9 Nicholas McDonald 1


Best dressed

This could easily be Nicole but I wanted to pick a contestant. Rough Copy wears diapers, Luke’s shirts are thrifted in dirty beach towns and Nicholas is a bit too fussy.

X Factor 9 Sam Bailey 7


X Factor 9 Sam Bailey 6

From far away the dress is so beautiful.

X Factor 9 Sam Bailey 1

I didn’t love this but the leather leggings were A+++.

Penis, much?

This was so inappropriate for “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”

X Factor 9 Nicholas McDonald 4

Let’s take a closer look at those dancers.

X Factor 9 Nicholas McDonald 3

It’s like a more sexual four legged table pose.

Best visitors

X Factor 9 Sam Bailey 3

At Sharon’s house! How adorable!!!

Worst shorts

X Factor 9 Rough Copy 1

It snowed in my state this weekend. NO SHORTS.

Most depressing

X Factor 9 Rough Copy 5

When Gary took Rough Copy to Wembley to prepare them for the final that, oops, they’re actually not going to.

Luke did some stuff too

X Factor 9 Luke Friend 3

He wore a red velvet jacket!

X Factor 9 Luke Friend 1

He chatted with Louis. Louis never does anything for his contestants. Gary went to Wembley and Sharon had Sam come visit!

Fruit check

X Factor 9 Rough Copy 4

YUP, STILL THERE! It seems to be joined by a bowl of cereal and a beverage.

Favorite Performance

Rough Copy did not bore me to tears, and for that I loved them the most. The songs choices this week were bland, despite the Beyonce vs Elton John theme.

All screencaps by me. gifs from starscanbesoblinding.

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