Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor US, Top 6 in pictures


…OR Emblem3 on X Factor the last picture show…

I will start by asking America a question.  America WHY?  Why is she still on the show?

If I had to cite one reason why we could not go on watching this show it was Cece Frey…who looks like Dolly Parton mated with Steven Tyler and NOT in a good way!

I don’t know what happened to CeCe. She was like a B- singer before and she’s gone down to a D+. I hate blaming this on Demi because she’s so pretty. -M

I also ask you America can we take this lukewarm wave as a cry of “Get me off this terrible show!”

Look at her eyes… she definitely wants out! -M


And now Emblem3…this week apparently they played instruments or rather the dumb one played a guitar…good job dumb one you are my FAVE!!!

The dumb one is not related to the other two. I still laugh about that time they all turned around to face the camera during a performance, except Drew, who was totally oblivious. Oh Drew, I love you, you meathead. -M


We are ALL so happy or we are ALL on drugs…YOU DECIDE!

Still having fun…still wearing my headphones…still wearing our ball caps WAY TOO FUCKING LARGE…

I imagine the dumb one asking Cece if her Cheetah spots are real…oh dumb one I heart you!!!

This is the first image of the boys not happy I think they have been spending too much time with Cece. [I like the color of tiny girl from Fifth Harmony’s top. She’s looking Demi-ish. She should go solo, that group’s not going anywhere. -M]

This is one of two promotional photos for being in the Top 6. [Does his hat say “hi” in cursive? WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THOSE?- M]

Here is the other…the kid with the tie might be my new favorite…his facial expressions in the promo photos are hilarious…


and white dude rap singing!!!

And lastly America your Top 6 and look the guys can’t be bothered to look at you… they are always SOOOOOOOO confused… I blame Mario!!!

It’s sad that one could recap the show just by looking at the pictures…if America sends Emblem3 home this will most DEFINITELY be our last X Factor US post.  If they make it through another week look forward to more!

Um, we didn’t even talk about Tate or Fifth Harmony or the two children left. It’s because we hate them. Well not Tate, he’s a good dude. But Carly IS THE WORST. -M

All photos from the X Factor USA website

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