Smart ladies love rad music, Cher Lloyd

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Due to the holiday and family commitments, I will not be able to recap X Factor US as usual. However, tonight’s results show features a performer I love and cherish, Cher Lloyd.

Who the crap is Cher Lloyd?

Cher came in fourth on season 7 of X Factor UK. She was a protege of Cheryl Cole, who we all know is the greatest reality singing show judge and mentor of all time.

Cher’s audition

She wowed all the judges, particularly Cheryl, with her cover of Keri Hilson’s “Turn My Swag On.”

Other Performances

Cher was pingeonholed as an urban artist due to her wildly popular audition, but she showed herself to be very versatile. She did lots of these mashups, which are still done on both versions of the show I watch.

Shakespears Sister’s “Stay” was so amazing it made it onto her first album, Sticks and Stones.

Sticks + Stones

Her record is mostly pop with an urban flair. I like how her accent comes out. Some of the timbre in her X Factor performances is gone, which is expected in studio recordings.

“Want U Back” features Astro, a contestant on the first season of X Factor US. Both are repped by LA Reid in the US.

This is the US version of the video in case you want to compare them for extra credit.

I like “With Ur Love” better, it has a little more of an attitude. If only Mike Posner could be removed from it, ugh.

So why should I care?

She’s kind of broken in the US (she was on X Factor at the same time as One Direction) and she’s been on the Today Show a few times.

Poor Cher has had some trouble with bullies, first when she was on the show and she still has problems even though she’s a legit artist now. When contestants are on the show, they are in the gossip rags all the time and the British press writes about them like they are celebrities. They are often incredibly cruel.

Her and Cheryl have had a falling out, which saddens me because I always wanted to see them collaborate.

I know it’s a holiday but I hope you all watch Cher on X Factor tonight! Even though I’m too old to be one of Cher’s “brats” I will definitely be DVRing the show and repeatedly watching her performance.

Bonus video

Cher judging on some weird Disney show I’ve never heard of!