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American Idol Top 8 Group

In the most recent episode of Reality Check, Michael Slezak and Melinda Doolittle propose that the reason the save was wasted–yeah, you heard me–on Sam Woolf was because the judges thought that the real travesty was that CJ was not going home. Even my friend at work, who will not let her husband vote for anyone except CJ (“Caleb doesn’t need your votes!” she says), thinks her beloved Alabamian can’t sing.

The theme was 80s and most of the songs have been sung on the show before (including several on my “most hated reality singing competition songs” list, like “Time After Time” and “Every Breath You Take” ). All the shandies in the world couldn’t make this show exciting, but god love ’em, Keith and Harry tried SO hard. [I LOVED Keith’s faux mullet and JLo being pissed that Ryan would think she wears extensions. -K]

Who am I kidding, I am still mourning Majesty being voted off. [MAJESTY…MAJJJJESTY…MAAAAAAJEEEESTY…-K]

Most Welcome Return

From here.

Cookie on the left. From here.

I was never a huge David Cook fan but he was the first very smart, creative contest that I remember.  I might just be blinded by the beard and glasses, but when did he get so hot?  RAWWWRRRRR. [His beard was slightly ginger! He reminded me of a not tall or skinny enough, glasses wearing Fassbender and really that all I need. Basically David Cook is a more obtainable Fassbender.-K]

Most Improved

American Idol Top 8 Dexter

Fun fact time! My husband played drums in a band formed at rock lotto, and they performed two songs that I remember: an original about Dale Earnhardt (“Let’s give it up for number threeeeeee!”) and “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” I have a fondness for this song and singing it gives Dexter automatic points with me. [Dexter get’s points for reminding us he has a sense of humor with the second greatest Gif of the night! -K]

You guys are SO LUCKY because PJ found a demo recording of “FORD Spelled Backwards” by Swamp Donkey and I have uploaded it for the enjoyment of everyone:

Best Pose with Voting Number

American Idol Top 8 Caleb

I don’t know what the fuck to call this, but whatever it is, CALEB WON IT FOREVERRRRRRR. [Greatest GIF EVER! -K]

Best Pop Culture Reference

American Idol Top 8 Malaya

When Ryan pointed out Malaya’s Jody Watley-esque earrings. If only people remembered her music. Here’s a hint:

Worst Pop Culture Reference

American Idol Top 8 Sam

Harrick Connick Jr. told Sam to watch Ricky Nelson videos. Ummmmm. [Sam does look an awful lot like Ricky Nelson but does Sam even know who Ricky Nelson was? DOES SAM EVEN KNOW WHO THE BAND NELSON WERE? -K]

Saddest Duet

Stripped of any of the fun of the Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney original by the presence of dueling acoustic guitars, Sam and Alex’s “The Girl is Mine” made me depressed. Though at least we know who the stronger performer is once and for all (Alex, duh). [True story my brother owned that same flannel when he was eight and really into Green Day and overalls –GOOD TIMES! -K] 

Best Duet

Is there something about singing with Caleb that makes people better? Case in point:

If you haven’t seen THIS, watch it immediately:

Since I didn’t have time to recap last week’s episode I want to give a mention to the first contestant-penned original song ever performed on the American Idol live shows.

This song sounded even better with a full band and now that Majesty is gone I guess I am a Jessica fan.

Favorite Performance

Jessica’s voice sounded AMAZING, she showed more personality and she was wearing my favorite style of blouse. I love telling people at work “I’m wearing a pussy bow”; it never stops making me laugh. [I wish Jessica would do something for her hair and make-up. I also would have liked her to wear pants that I didn’t keep thinking were thigh-high boots. BUT SHE WAS FABULOUS (I should have lead with that OR made it a compliment sandwich –DON’T CANCEL HEART OF DIXIE! -K]

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