Smart ladies love fall TV 2013, most anticipated returning comedies


Let’s all thank the TV gods that Fox comedies The New Girl and The Mindy Project are coming back NEXT week because the lack of NEW TV has made me EXCITED to watch The Newsroom on Sunday nights and that’s just insane. [I am REALLY worried about you, Katie. -M]

Ron Swanson Dancing


The Big Bang Theory, September 26, 2013

Penny and Sheldon

Most shows in their 7th season are starting to show signs of age but TBBT has been getting better mostly because they brought on more smart ladies. The cast additions of Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik have greatly improved a sitcom that has a tendency to retread the same tired jokes (they also give Penny something to do besides being the pretty blond the boys moon over and Sheldon is perpetually befuddled by). The season finale gave us greater growth with Raj FINALLY being able to communicate with Penny without the aid of alcohol. The show also addressed the Sheldon problem by making him much more likable and willing to change by further exploring his relationship to Bialik’s Amy. -K

Bob’s Burgers, September 29. 2013

You guys, you know I don’t like cartoons, but I make special exceptions for ones as funny and bizarre as Bob’s Burgers. The regular voice actors are THE BEST (SLLS fave Kristen Schaal is the voice of sarcastic, precocious Louise) but fine folks such as Aziz Ansari, Pamela Adlon, Ben Schwartz and Todd Barry (the list goes on and on and on) love the show so much that they make guest appearances. PLEASE WATCH. -M

How I Met Your Mother, September 23, 2013

I’m actually really stoked for the HIMYM swan song. I think that the writers have the right idea in setting it over Robin and Barney’s wedding weekend as it will add an interesting element and NEW dynamic in an old show. I’m also excited about finally getting to know the mother. -K

The Mindy Project, September 17, 2013

This show was the MOST improved show of 2013. I am actually excited about its return, not excited enough to go back and watch all the episodes I missed of season 1 but excited enough to keep it on the DVR rotation. -K

I LOVED Mindy and Casey AKA Anders from Workaholics. I wish he could be her real boyfriend but that is clearly not going to happen. I’m glad TMP got better because I was ready to cry buckets over Mindy’s wasted talent back in January.  -M

New Girl, September 17, 2013

If you had asked me before I spent this summer watching Parks & Rec twice what my favorite comedy is I would have said the The New Girl but now it has to move to number two (sorry Nick and Jess you adorable kids). Things I am excited about: the return of Coach (Damon Wayans) and hopefully a fantastic storyline for Winston. -K

YEAR OF WINSTON! YEAR OF WINSTON! I hope he gets weirder, funnier storylines than Nick and the old man in the spa and/or Nick’s dad’s funeral (RIP Dennis Farina IRL). I think Merrit Wever needs to somehow be full time too, to even out the three male leads with three female ones. -M

Parks & Recreation, September 26, 2013

I LOVE YOU LESLIE AND BEN! Ron with a baby. The final 13 episodes of Leslie and Ann (I might tear up just writing this). I am SUPER stoked about the return of the best comedy on TV. -K

There is nothing else worth watching on NBC on Thursdays. I’m still pissed NBC cancelled Go On, which would have fit perfectly after P&R. I trust Mike Schur to make this season of Parks & Rec hilarious and smart, just like the last five. -M

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