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Juliette, WE CHOOSE YOU!

Beauty and the Beast, October 7, 2013

I’m going to hold back on how much I say here cause I’m planning a post for October 7th on what happened at the end of last season (VINCENT WAS KIDNAPPED BY CAT’S BIO-DAD) and spoilers for the new season –FUN! I am super excited to recap season 2 of BATB. -K

And I am excited for your recaps, since I watch the show through you! -M

Elementary, September 26, 2013

Despite my undying devotion for BATB, Elementary was my true FAVORITE show last year.  I hope that this year they flesh out more the side characters as much as I love Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, I keep hoping that Aidan Quinn’s Captain Gregson and Jon Michael Hill’s detective Bell. I am also really excited about Rhys Ifans as Mycroft, Holmes estranged brother. -K

Heart of Dixie, October 7, 2013

Any show that brings me this many hot dudes and is GOOD is a beautiful butterfly of awesome TV. At the end of last season I realized I was WAY TOO emotionally invested in Lavon and Annabell, they are so CUTE. Wade and Lemon bought the Rammer Jammer and both George and Zoe left Bluebell for the summer. I hope they find their way home by October 7th. -K

I am looking forward to more of Wade and Lemon at the Rammer Jammer, that shit was hilarious. The small town charm of this show continues to win me over (as do the clothes of Zoe, Lemon and AB), and I do wish it were a little more Amy Sherman-Palladino-esque in its tone, but shows like this are rare and appreciated at SLLS. -M

Nashville, September 25, 2013

RAYNA AND DEACON were in a car accident! Juliette’s mother killed herself to save Jules.  Scarlett and Gunner did some stuff but it was boring. Jonathan Jackson AKA Lucky from General Hospital reclaimed a bit of his sole and that hot blond guy is GAY! Man I miss Nashville! -K

I, too, miss Nashville more than I realized. I especially miss how I would save it to watch on Friday nights with homemade pizza and wine. Nashville is perfect with pizza and wine. I hope this year Scarlett becomes super famous and competes with Juliette! And Rayna has sex with fake Jack White, because boy, he was hot. -M

Scandal, October 3, 2013

There is a lot about Scandal that annoys me: the voyeuristic, shooting through shimmering glass camerawork; the obsession with the phrase “white hat”; how I don’t care about anyone that works at Olivia’s firm AT ALL; confusing case-of-the-weeks; and Cy’s whiny husband. But then there’s Olivia’s clothes, Queen Bitch Mellie, the political intrigue, Cy and Olivia’s friendship and FITZ, my favorite fake Republican president, and I forget about all the annoying crap. -M

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