Smart ladies love fall TV 2013, who will be cancelled first

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Melissa’s Pick, Dads on FOX

Every review of Dads mentions how god awful and offensive it is. I don’t know how long something so offensive can stick around. Giovanni Ribisi is the fussy man and Seth Green is the slob, both of their dads move in, and hilarity ensues! But switch “trite racist and sexist jokes” for hilarity. I don’t even understand the premise. Why can’t they say no to their dads? Why can’t they get a bigger place and make their dads pay rent instead of sleeping on the couch? FOX, what the world wants is Raising Hope instead of this shit, so give us that and don’t even air this show.

However, the other show critics hate is Super Fun Night, which completely wastes the talent of Bridesmaids standout Rebel Wilson. Check it:

I think creating a show around Wilson is a great idea, but 1) she is best as a supporting character and 2) she should just do a show with the Workaholics dudes for HBO.

Katie’s Pick, Reign on the CW

I was going to say The CW’s Reign but they have a tendency to keep crap for at least a couple of episodes so then I was going with NBC’s Dracula BUT it doesn’t premiere until October 25th so Reign it is! I mean does anyone who watches The CW want to watch a costume drama about a DOOMED Queen. I think she is doomed but I don’t really know and I don’t want to find out. I apologize for my apathy regarding Reign if you are the one person who wants to watch this show. [Oh noooo I want to watch this and point out the historical inaccuracies on SLLS but I am really busy with watching 2 different X Factors. -M]

Let’s look how bad Dracula is though…

I’m shocked NBC is really airing this. It is TERRIBLE! It looks like it belongs on the SciFy channel. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, what has happened to your promising career–whenever I watch Bend it Like Beckham or Velvet Goldmine I WEEP FOR YOU!

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  1. REIGN IS THE BEST SHOW!!!!! Get over it!

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