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Our passion for TV brought us together over fifteen years ago, and it’s what drives us to blog. We wanted to share some end of year TV superlatives. Now, we watch a lot of television, but we don’t watch everything: we do have full time jobs! So take these picks lightly and in good fun. We’re not holding back so EXPECT SPOILERS! Katie’s Best and Worst posts later today so check back and see her picks!

Most Improved thanks to a single character addition

Adam Pally 1

Adam Pally 2

Adam Pally on The Mindy Project. Did he fix all the show’s ailments? No, as there are still too few women and that British guy is still there. But he has chemistry with everyone and the writers are exploring some interesting pairings so far.

Best New Comedy

Brooklyn 99 1

Brooklyn 99 2

This is Brooklyn Nine-Nine for me. There was so much anticipation boiling inside me for this show that I was positive it would disappoint me. But future HDOTWs Terry Crews and Andre Braugher have really balanced the frenetic energy that Andy Samberg brings to the show. The supporting cast is one of the finest on TV.

Best New Drama

The fact that The Americans has been shut out of all major awards show is insanely frustrating to me–I guess people DO hate FX. But they shouldn’t! The acting and storylines of the show are on par with the best political thrillers (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which I just saw) as well as the best family dramas (Parenthood).

Best new Saturday Night Live hosts

Kerry Washington SNL

Josh Hutcherson SNL
I can’t decide between Kerry Washington and Josh Hutcherson. Both episodes were weird, surreal and hilarious. And did I use this category as an excuse to put SNL gifs in this post? Maybe.

Best Sidekick

Reggie Watts 1

IFC suddenly showed up on our cable so we have been watching Comedy Bang Bang and isn’t Reggie Watts just the cutest thing ever? We watched one of his comedy specials on Netflix too and it’s such a good mixture of music and stand up and weirdness.

Show I stopped watching for three years but I am now loving again

This bit about the Generals was BRILLIANT.

This bit about the Generals was BRILLIANT.

The final season of How I Met Your Mother, with its in jokes and gradual reveal of the mother’s sweet but weird personality, has totally won me over.

Foxiest Guest Stars

Mindy, keep dating lots of hot dudes.
Anders Holm:
Casey The Mindy Project
Timothy Olyphant:

Timothy Olyphant The Mindy Project

Other good casting includes cutie Max Minghella as Danny’s brother, Glenn Howerton as Mindy’s maybe-boyfriend & Angels pitcher CJ Wilson as himself.

Mindy and CJ Wilson

I also really loved this dress.

Best reason not to delete a show off your DVR without watching it

I had dreams that I deleted season one of The Bridge. “Oh, I don’t want to watch the immigration show.” But it’s really compelling and has some genuinely funny moments.

Best season-long B-story

Tim vs. Colt on Justified. There are a whole bunch of AV Club commenters who have complained for three years about the lack of Tim & Rachel storylines. Tim got a great one in season four, with a rival in Boyd’s trusted advisor Colt, who secretly really let his friend down.

Best dressed

Annabeth 1

The ladies of Hart of Dixie, FTW. I check this site to see what Annabeth wears and I LIVE for the Fug Girls’ fugcaps. Runner up: Mindy Lahiri, who has inspired me to buy (and wear) sweater vests.

Most haunting season finale image

Danaerys crowd surfing gif

Danaerys crowd surfing amongst her freed slaves/biggest fans in Game of Thrones.

Most anticipated new show of 2014

Who isn’t excited for HBO’s True Detective, an serial killer anthology story starring, amongst others, Elizabeth Reaser, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey? I am also dying to see two comedies: Enlisted & Broad City (based on a funny web series).

Couples I will continue to ship like a 14 year old on tumblr

Nicole and Tom Sleepy Hollow

Abbie and Ichabod on Sleepy Hollow. Katrina is both a terrible actress and some kind of supernatural ghost so it’s best for Ichabod to date the smartest person in the town of Sleepy Hollow, Abbie.

Also, Morgan and Tamra from The Mindy Project. It is so sweet how much he likes her but it doesn’t seem like she and Ray Ron are going to split up anytime soon. SAD FOR ME.

Best All-Around Show

Justified badass

Season 4 of Justified was maybe the show’s second-best season (after 2) but it was still better than anything else I watched. I love how the writers seemlessly blend comedy and drama. Even the Ellen May story (see worst section, below) didn’t do anything to tarnish my love of the show. Season 5 starts in a few weeks and Jere Burns/Wynn Duffy is now a regular! WOOOO!

Worst season-long B-storyline

Ava and Ellen May

Ava and Ellen May on Justified. I appreciate that the writers tried to give a juicy story to some of the women, while also showcasing Ava’s rise in power. But Ellen May is a grating moron and I wished all season that Colt had actually killed her.

Worst death

Everyone on Sons of Anarchy this year. JUST STOP IT, Kurt Sutter.

Worst network decision

Fox deciding to air Dads on Tuesdays, ordering a full season (???) and then knocking the very promising Enlisted to midseason on Fridays.

Most heartbreaking cancellation

Laura Dern Enlightened 2

I’m sure HBO had reasons for cancelling Enlightened but I don’t want to hear any of them.

Show finale that I loved, then I loved it less, then I loathed it, and now I don’t know how I feel about it

Breaking Bad finale Jesse

Poor Breaking Bad. It had such a good run. But (SPOILER) killing off Walters foils in earlier seasons (Gus/Hank) and leaving the endgame as Todd and a bunch of racist dudes we don’t know much about? It was a bit disappointing.

Most WTF season finale

Marnie and Charlie Girls
Marnie and Charlie getting back together on Girls. It was so dumb that Christopher Abbot decided to leave the show so it will not continue this season, thank god.

Worst character change

Jenna Awkward.

Jenna being a bitch to her friends on Awkward. was so hard to watch.

Most disappointing new show

Why is Agents of SHIELD so boring? I have only watched three episodes so far. It’s great background for doing something else. The leads are not at all appealing except Clark Gregg and Ming Na.

Worst show

I am proud to say that I didn’t watch enough crap TV to be able to make a judgement about this. Though when 2 Broke Girls comes on after HIMYM I want to die.

Who knew that it was way more fun to say nice things about TV than mean things?

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