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Trailer Tuesday


Trailer Tuesday in which we try to discuss upcoming movies, movies we have recently watched, movies that are new to video-on-demand, Netflix and Amazon films, AND of course TV (because it’s our favorite). We also focus on inclusion and, of course, women in film –which is especially important to our collective culture.

Out this week in theaters, VOD, streaming, and TV

Lovesick (formerly Scrotal Recall), Netflix (was dropped last Friday, November 17th)

For it’s first season Lovesick was unfortunately titled Scrotal Recall which is a TERRIBLE name especially when this movie is a very charming British comedy about a guy with chlamydia. I implore you to go out and give this one a shot. [I have honestly never watched this because of the awful name but it looks really cute and British! Adding this to queue immediately. -M] UPDATE: I watched all of season 2 this weekend and this show is fabulous. PLEASE watch this show! -K

Moana, out on Thanksgiving (POC Disney princess)

The Rock is People’s sexiest man alive for 2016 he is the only POC other than Denzel Washington to have the title (has Jess Cagel not seen Luther, I mean Idris Elba is the most beautiful man on the planet). SLLS fave Lin Manual Miranda did the music for this so I bet that’s good (a reminder that BOTH In the Heights and Hamilton are on Amazon Prime and Spotify) also I would not be surprised if he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination. If I had a kid I would drag them to this. [Katie, LMM is younger than us and one award away from an EGOT! Yup, he only needs the Oscar. He’s so damn likeable that I would not bet against him. I don’t watch cartoons for children but this seems like a promising way to spend a Sunday afternoon when it comes to cable. -M]

Rules Don’t Apply, out on Thanksgiving

My mom and I have plans to see this on Thanksgiving. Warren Beatty has been out of the spotlight for so long my mother and I were worried but it turns out he was just working on a new movie. This trailer is so zippy. Lily Collins seems cute and I like that she has fully committed to the bob hairstyle (IRL) instead of having long waves and thus making me confuse her with Victoria Jackson and Nina Dobrev. PLUS we should all fall in love with future Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich. [Warren Beatty should not use Dick Tracy to sell any of his future movies. I recently rewatched it and it does NOT hold up. This looks lovely, though, and I love movies about old Hollywood–why I liked Hail, Caesar! more than most. The second I saw the commercial I knew I would be seeing this. -M]

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,  Netflix, Midnight, Friday, November 25th (created by a woman)

You have like 4 days to drop everything and watch the first 5 seasons of the Gilmore Girls (skip 6 and 7 as they are so fucking bad). If you don’t have that kind of time basically watch season 3 as it is the best OR you can read Vox’s ranking of every episode. Also let’s all be thankful Melissa McCarthy found the time to do a scene cause it’s the only thing to make me laugh-out-loud during this trailer. ALSO ALSO Emily Gilmore in JEANS –hell has frozen over. [I am going to have to try really hard not to watch this on Friday, as my friend is having a watch party on Saturday, so DON’T TEXT ME about what happens, Katie. Maybe I’ll watch Lovesick instead. So even though I loved GG like hell when it was on and own the DVDs and watched every season ten times, I think my love for the show is waning. There better be lots of Kirk, Paris & Doyle to get me excited again. -M]

Lion, out in theaters, on Friday, November 25th

Let’s get one thing out of the way, Dev Patel is ridiculously hot with a beard AND now let’s talk about how this movie will be sad and uplifting like Dev Patel’s breakout film Slumdog Millionaire. Patel plays an young man from India who was adopted by an Australian couple played by Nicole Kidman (who rocks a series of really awesome ginger “mom” wigs which makes me wonder why on earth she feels the need to freeze her face when she will play characters her own age and why won’t she go back to her red locks) and Top of the Lake’s David Wenham (I can’t wait for Top of the Lake season 2 which will also feature Nicole Kidman) after falling asleep on a train in India. This movie is based on a true story and it’s amazingly riveting (click the link if you don’t care if your spoiled). [I don’t usually go for this type of tearjerker–the trailer made me bawl–but I really want Dev Patel to succeed, even though he was in The Newsroom. When Katie mentioned that the dad was played by a guy from Top of the Lake, I REALLY wanted it to be Thomas M. Wright, who was really creepy on season 2 of The Bridge (RIP). -M]

What’s coming up

Hidden Figures

This movie has conflicting opening dates, Wikipedia says Christmas, IMDB says January 6, and the giant poster I saw at the theater said January 13. According to IMDB it will have a limited opening on Christmas (if it’s in my area I’m going), it’s opening in the US on the 6th, and Canada on the 13th, apparently the studio sent out the wrong poster (UGH HOLLYWOOD). Basically what this means is look for this on Christmas and go see it, if it’s not in your area go see it on the 6th, studios need to make more movies like this and they only will if people go see them.

Now about Hidden Figures, as the title suggests it’s about the African-American women who helped NASA in the sixties who have been hidden from history because of our countries continued racism. It stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe as mathematicians who have to fight for respect from thier mostly white male colleagues. It also costars Mahershala Ali who is in Luke Cage and Moonlight in which his role has tons of awards buzz. It is PG which means you can bring your children and old people. The trailer will make you both laugh and cry. [I almost suggested reading this for book club. This is one of my most anticipated movies of awards season–I need uplifting, you know? -M]

What’s good that you may have missed

Sing Street, Netflix

I will be upfront with you dear readers I think writer/director John Carney needs to work on his ability to write female characters and improve the way he treats actresses. However, despite the fact that it’s leading lady skews very closely to a manic-pixie-dream-girl Sing Street is still a fun and poppy ode to eighties music. [Everyone keeps recommending this, and while I think I will like it, I am still angry at how badly Keira Knightly’s character in Begin Again was written. I mean, she wants to be a songwriter, but there is no mention of any female songwriter (not Carole King or Jenny Lewis or anyone) and there’s only male singers that play in the background (besides Knightly’s character). I will never stop harping on this. Sigh. I will probably end up watching Sing Street this week. -M]

Fleabag, Amazon Prime (created by a woman)

Written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag is a rare show in which it made me laugh out loud and cry (sometimes at the same time). If you have not watched it yet you should (it’s only 6 half hour episodes) and if you have seen it and want to discuss it please comment. There is just so much to talk about, how the viewer becomes her confidant, the relationship she has to her sister, Olivia Colman as an evil step-mother, the banker, feminist workshops and being a bad feminist, oh so many things there is just so much with this show. [I’ve only seen the first three and LOVED them. It’s hard to watch and I cried a lot. Bonus actor: the delightful Brett Gelman, who is fantastic in everything, including the late, great Go On (I am legally obligated to mention this show every time an alumnus is in something else). -M]

This or that

We pick an actor/genre/plot with two similar films available to watch, on TV, streaming, or in theaters and tell you which one is better.

This week Sam Claflin (AKA Finnick Odair) who stars in not one but two chick-lit movie adaptations. NOTE: my synopsis of each movie might seem spoilery but basically this is what goes down in the trailer. Also your TV obsessed ten year old kid/niece/nephew/neighbor can spell-out these plot points after watching the first 15 minutes.

Me Before You, you can rent it on iTunes, Amazon, or onDemand (directed by a woman)

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 58% (way too high)

The “I’m going to make you fall in love with me before I kill myself because I can’t accept life in a wheelchair BUT it’s cool cause I’m rich and I will leave you with the means to find a life outside of your poor fucked up BUT really loving family” romantic tragicomedy co-staring Emilia Clarke. This movie reminded me a lot of the Kate Hudson terminal cancer rom-com, A Little Bit of Heaven, both films suffer from severe tone issues. In neither movie do they ignore the terminal cancer/depression but they present these really not comedic elements with a  rom-com glow that just makes everything seem fucked up and surreal. I think the point of this movie –based primarily off the title– is that he is supposed to push her to become something more than she is (unmotivated shop girl) because she met him which is very problematic in it’s own right but add to that the fact that he has decided to go to Switzerland where they will assist him in death (to be clear I am a firm believer in assisted suicide but do not look to this movie for a nuanced take on that issue) because he used to be extremely sporty and is now paralyzed. Considering that this film actually has the two fall in love and find happiness it’s completely fucked up when he reasserts his desire to die (which is a personal affront to those whom are paralyzed and to those who have serious debilitating or terminal illnesses). At one point I yelled at the TV, have him watch Friday Night Lights because Jason Street handles paralysis far more maturely than this dude and he was a child. I have no idea how this movie made so much money. [I read the Wikipedia synopsis of Me Before You when it came out, which solidified my decision to never ever watch it. It sounds much more fucked up and awful than I could have imagined. Katie is a saint for watching this crap. -M]

Love, Rosie, Amazon Prime (screenplay by a woman)

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29%

The “we were best friends from childhood but I was WAY TOO DRUNK that one time in high school you made a move to remember it AND you were too stupid to not bring it up so I had a child after a condom got lodged in my vagina and you moved to America and became a doctor and we both married other people BUT eventually we realize that WE ARE SOULMATES cause you FINALLY bring up that one time you made a move and now realize I was too drunk to remember” romantic comedy (nothing really tragic happens in this one) costarring Lily Collins. This movie was directed by the same dude, Christian Ditter, who directed How to be Single which is one of the weirdest movies I have recently seen (there are characters and storylines in that movie that just don’t fit or are necessary). This movie is breezily charming, it is literally exactly what you think it will be. [This sounds kind of dumb but also better than both Me Before You and How to be Single, which I liked a lot less than Katie. Plus I don’t have to pay for this one and I would for Me Before You. I am cheap. -M]

Which one should you spend your hard earned free-time on…

Love, Rosie as it is free on Amazon Prime AND it isn’t problematic or annoying like Me Before You. Also Love, Rosie is light and fun and Me Before You will leave you an angry mess. [FREE IS BETTER, always. -M]

The weird and wacky world of the indie romantic comedy

Each week we rate the most indiest of indie rom-coms courtesy of Netflix and Amazon on their watch-ability using the following scale –Katie is more forgiving of romances and Melissa is more forgiving of comedies.

5 This movie looks cute and I am sad no one ever hyped it
4 This movie is perfect for a Saturday when you are doing laundry and want to both watch a movie but also read this weeks Entertainment Weekly
3 This movie was originally created for Hallmark, right?
2 This movie looks terrible and something I will watch in secret at 1 am on a Saturday as my secret shame
1 This movie looks unintentionally hilarious and therefore has become a must see the next time I have nothing to watch at midnight on Friday

Mr. Engagement, Amazon Prime

Katie: I give this a 1 and amend to say I would have to be very drunk to watch this. I will admit that the trailer did make me laugh but in a laugh at not with kind of way (I really want a gif of that dudes reaction when he gets CLEARLY stage-punched in the face).

We may not have the most readers but we have the best! This is so great! Thank you again A!

We may not have the most readers but we have the best! This is so great! Thank you again A!

Melissa: Can I give something a 0? Or a negative? I would not watch this sexist pile of garbage unless I was completely wasted and at Katie’s house and we had already watched everything else.

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