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Last week were the network television up fronts for advertisers, because of this we know have a whole slew of trailers for next Fall’s TV season –FUN!!!



How to Get Away With Murder

Things I love about Shonda Rhimes: her characters are really smart and there is also an excellent representation of America (AKA not all of the really smart people are white); things I hate about Shonda Rhimes: her outlandish plot twists (AKA did the students dig up and burn a body). She gets mad bonus points for casting Viola Davis. [This looks awesome. I love when shows, books, and movies take place in the university world because that’s where I live, too! -M]


The talent in this My Fair Lady adaptation is AMAZING unfortunately this looks TERRIBLE (I’m still going to watch it because if anybody can make this good it’s John Cho). [The lead girl looks like Sea of Shoes. That’s all I got. I did not finish this trailer. -M]


This mid-season musical comedy is hilariously bat shit crazy and I can’t fucking wait! I seriously can’t believe this is going to be on TV. [This is going to be cancelled after two episodes and we will CRY SO HARD. -M]

Fresh Off the Boat

I will probably not watch this show as Modern Family and Bob’s Burgers are my limit for family shows but if I did add-on a third it would be this one (FYI Orlando is a terrible place for hair). [This will either be really fantastic or awful for a family show. It is teetering. -M]

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Halle Berry stars in this science fiction mini-series as an astronaut who comes home from a year-long solo mission pregnant (magical pregnancies are the WORST). Goran Visnjic is her husband who made them a robot son (creepy robot kids are the WORST). The only positive is that I like Halle Berry AND her BFF is played by Camryn Manheim (always a winner). [Nope, nope, nope, nope. -M]


Things I like, Robert Patrick and smart people. Things I’m less excited about Katherine McPhee as a mother of a child who is super smart –at least she doesn’t sing. [I love super smart people too! And how diverse this cast is. Good job. -M]

Madam Secretary

Téa Leoni is a great actress and she might make this more like The Good Wife and less like State of Affairs on NBC (see below). [I HATE Tea Leoni and I never understood peoples’ fascination with her. -M]


The Flash

The real draw for this comic inspired show is the return to TV of Tom Cavanagh (OH ED!) and Jesse L. Martin (one of the foxiest cops ever on Law & Order). [I want to recap this. I have loved Tom Cavanagh for many years. I promise I won’t complain about Ed not being on DVD. -M]

Jane the Virgin

The good news is that Jane is now 23 instead 17 and has a fiance, the bad news is she is still accidentally impregnated by a harried female physician. [More diversity, yay! I will watch the shit out of this. I wish the trailer was longer than 30 seconds. -M]



I’m always excited about Donal Logue and I also like Batman, so I will try Gotham. I am also kind of excited about a pre-teen Cat Woman. [I love Ben from The OC. This is a show I will add to my DVR but will never watch and I will cancel it halfway through the year, like Person of Interest. -M]


I don’t know who John Mulaney really is because I don’t watch SNL and I only saw him on Conan once so my initial reaction to this is that it is a poor man’s Seinfeld.  [Katie, we are going to have to watch some of the “Too Much Tuna” skits from The Kroll Show. This is my most anticipated new show and I hope it’s better than the trailer suggests. ELLIOTT GOULD!!! Nasim Pedrad 4EVA! -M]


There is a ton of talent in this trailer and I will love to DVR this and watch it back to back with Nashville. [More shows about music! Someone is finally listening to what I want! TARAJI P. HENSON!!! -M]


Rainn Wilson plays an asshole who is really good at his jobs which sounds like a lot of previous shows but it’s by Hart Hanson who is the executive producer of Bones so I’m going to watch until it’s cancelled or its 8th season which is apparently when I get tired of workplace comedy hour-long dramas. [You’re right, Katie, this show is going to be on FOREVER. Empire will last four episodes. Thanks, FOX! -M]


There are way too many white people in this TV show about ancient Egypt, also at one point there are vampires AND Evan from Beauty and the Beast walks across the desert in what appears to be an ancient hoodie. [Based on your description, I am not even going to watch this. -M]



This might be my favorite comic book themed TV show trailer just for the humor of Constantine himself. Also the chick played Nora on True Blood AND I think I saw Melissa’s boyfriend Jeremy Davies in the trailer as well. [Yay, hilarious British guy! I hope this can hold my interest. -M]

Marry Me

Due to my love for Casey Wilson and Ken Marino I expected a lot from this trailer and it was a little lacking but I will definitely be trying it out. [I’m a little tired of this desperate character but I love Casey Wilson so I will watch it regardless. I thought her character’s name was Penny but it’s Annie. womp womp. -M]

A to Z

Crazy pants Ginsburg falls in love with the Ted Mosby’s wife from BEYOND THE GRAVE, seriously though I’ll be trying this one out too. [This is so charming and cute! It looks like a movie. -M]

Bad Judge

Not going to lie this one made me laugh more than I like to admit BUT I am a sucker for Kate Walsh who is one of those actors who really throws her whole self into a part AND it reminds me of Night Court one of the greatest comedies EVER. [Kate Walsh popped up on Fargo and I was like, why isn’t she in more stuff, but LOOK SHE IS. -M]

State of Affairs

Dear Hollywood stop wasting Alfre Woodard, just stop it for she is fabulous and this looks TERRIBLE though I bet she will be FABULOUS as she was on True Blood. [I want to… but no. -M]


Angie Tribeca

I only included TBS so that I could end on the Angie Tribeca trailer because this show looks fantastic and I have high hopes of pairing it with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Thank god Rashida Jones left Parks and Rec for something that looks hilarious. [I don’t know if I love the name of this show but this trailer is filled with some of my favorite people so you know it will get the best guest stars! -M]

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