Smart ladies love TV, best of 2012-Katie


Yesterday Melissa gave us her best of TV in 2012 today it’s my turn…YAY! Now, we watch a lot of television, but we don’t watch everything: we do have full time jobs! So take these picks lightly and in good fun. We’re not holding back so EXPECT SPOILERS! Our joint Worst of TV (the most fun!) is on tomorrow like Donkey Kong (that was funnier in my head).

Most Improved

If I'm being honest I might like this show because of my undying love of Robert Carlyle...

If I’m being honest I might like this show because of my undying love of Robert Carlyle…

I stopped watching Once Upon a Time about five episodes from the first season finale last year because I noticed that episodes were piling up on my DVR and I had no inclination to watch them. I did not however stop my DVR from taping Once Upon a Time which is how I ended up catching the second season premiere and not only was it a solid episode but it also left me wanting to watch the next episode. Are there still issues? Yes, and I’ll talk about some in our worst of post (tomorrow!) but on the whole this show is fun again.

Best New Show


This is my most favoritest promo picture of these two! HILARIOUS and SCARY!

I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tells ya that I am picking Beauty and the Beast. I probably should pick Elementary or Bunheads but I actually enjoy B&TB more each week (I have some issues with both Elementary and Bunheads). Is it silly yes, but it’s also smart and I LOVE that it has two lady detectives. I like all of the characters! I haven’t found any huge plot holes! It actually does mystery better than Elementary (which far too often casts the most well known guest star as the villain).

Best Comedy

Look how AWESOME they all are!!!

Look how AWESOME they all are!!!

Both the New Girl and Happy Endings consistently make me laugh. I love New Girl’s ability to blend broad comedy with real world pathos. Happy Endings wackado weirdness is consistently hilarious. Both shows are excellent examples of how to use and ensemble.

Best Drama

I should add a category called biggest badass and give it to Arya Stark and the Dowager Countess!

I should add a category called biggest badass and give it to Arya Stark and the Dowager Countess!

Okay so this is a three way tie between Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Downton Abbey. Mad Men is consistently one of the best things I have ever seen on TV. It never fails to impress and the acting is always phenomenal. Game of Thrones is the fantasy show I have always secretly wished for. I love how the creators are interpreting the books. They remain faithful to the characters created by George R. R. Martin but know exactly what plots to cut down or cut entirely without losing meaning. Downton Abbey is my dream show it is a soap opera and a costume drama combined. It is the television show I would create for TV. I am so excited for the new seasons of these three shows!

The best new-to-me show

I might faint at the hotness of this photo...

I might faint at the hotness of this photo… [Seriously I might faint too. OH THE FOXINESS. -M]

I’m using this as an excuse to say I finally watched Justified and I love it. All hail the Henley shirt and snug pea coat!

Most anticipated second half of its first season in 2013


I really hope that Amy Sherman Paladino (ASP) addresses some of the issues with Bunheads such as, it’s tendency to run in place with certain plot points (aherm, Michelle teaching dance…this was lame and almost made me stop watching because of course she was or what was the point of her staying in Paradise) and speeding through other plot points (do they or do they not have money because of course they have money as Michelle inherited half a fucking business which would make Hubble’s partner have to buy her out…I blame my mother the accountant for making me notice this shit but seriously ASP you brought it up then you fucked it up the entire fucking season) is something that definitely needs to be addressed –pick a speed ASP and stick with it (I’m hoping that she was slightly confused with how cable shows schedule there shows because it feels like she was taking her time like you would a 22 season show then realized oops this is 13/14 shows split into a two seasonal season). I also need either more fleshed out teenage girls or less teenage girls but something has to happen also I know that ASP write a certain way but she did a much better job at diversifying the way her characters talked so that they didn’t all sound like the same person. Now I know it seems like I didn’t like Bunheads, I did like Bunheads I also thought it got better as the season progressed but I think it has a long way to go to be anywhere near the quality of the Gilmore Girls. I think you can clearly see I had some pent up issues with Bunheads.

Most anticipated new show of 2013

The Americans with Keri Russell (one day I will recap Felicity for this blog, one day!) and Matthew Rhys (the only consistently good person on Brothers & Sisters). I mean come on it’s a cold war era drama about Russian spies posing as American suburbanites even without Felicity it would be on my must see list. I also after watching Sons of Anarchy this summer and Justified this fall, I have a deeper respect for FX.

Best network decision


To fire the show-runner and that Elis kid on Smash. I want that show to be good, dag nabbit!

Most Improved Character

Here clothes are so cute!

Her clothes are so cute!

Lemon Breeland (Jamie King) on Hart of Dixie almost but not quite made me quit HoD last year (I can’t ever quit Jason Street). Her terrible southern accent and all of the yellow clothes made me both sad and want to die in equal measure. Starting with the back half of season one and now with season two Jamie King has toned down her accent AND the writers/creators/wardrobe people have toned down the dowdy 1950s housewife thing she had going. They have made her story this season extremely relatable and her more likable and I almost think they might let her and Zoe be friends.

Favorite NEW Character

Melissa might have gotten the image of Michele with the "Dance Your Ass Off" tee but I HAVE THE GoT REFERENCE!!!

Melissa might have gotten the image of Michele with the “Dance Your Ass Off” tee but I HAVE THE GoT REFERENCE!!!

Sutton Foster on Bunheads! Michelle makes my heart sing. I however wish she would do more tap routines in fact I wish they would let her dance and sing more. DO IT ASP!

Favorite Character

Where is MY Golden Globe nomination HAMM I do ALL the work in this situation.

Where is MY Golden Globe nomination HAMM I do ALL the WORK!?!

Peggy Olson for life! No one character has moved me or resonated more this year than Peggy Olson the fact that she didn’t even receive a nomination for a Golden Globe just goes to show you how little that award means, FOR REALSIES!

Best costumes, sets, and CGI

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”  I want to go to there…

Oh Game of Thrones you do this so well that you make all fantasy shows on TV look slightly ridiculous. You do this so well it’s crazy. You follow the b-movie tradition of trying to find locations in real life that will work then you layer with CGI instead of just creating CGI locations from scratch. Your costumes look like clothes these people would actually wear!

Hottest Game of Thrones Character

I spared you a shot of Jaime Lannister from last season cause he was so dirty...

I spared you a shot of Jaime Lannister from last season cause he was so dirty…

Petyr Baelish is kind of a skeevy asshole but he is still hot.  I forget this then I notice him in things like The Dark Knight Rises. I don’t know how many times I have been like “that dude is hot, I know him, OH it’s Littlefinger!” and if I am being honest I have to admit I find the Lannister brothers hotter than the Snow/Stark boys.  AHHHH in looking up art for this post I came across a picture of Jaqen H’ghar and well, I love him cause he is so PRETTY.