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Our passion for TV brought us together over fifteen years ago, and it’s what drives us to blog. We wanted to share some end of year TV superlatives. Now, we watch a lot of television, but we don’t watch everything: we do have full time jobs! So take these picks lightly and in good fun. We’re not holding back so EXPECT SPOILERS! Katie’s Best Of posts tomorrow, and our joint Worst of TV (the most fun!) will show up on Friday.

Most Improved

Hart of Dixie has strengthened both the story and the ensemble in season 2, making it one of the shows I most look forward to each week; my new Everwood. The Lemon-Zoe rivalry has calmed down, Zoe has officially kind of picked Wade (maybe?), and Brick has stopped being such an insufferable asshole.

Best New Show

I’ll bet Katie is super jealous I used this picture first!

As a Gilmore Girls obsessive, I was looking forward to Bunheads for months. Every week, I got the same excited feeling in my stomach I would get for GG. That’s how I knew Bunheads was great. I hope there’s more Sutton Foster zaniness in the next season!

Favorite Character

Nick Bee Arthur

I had to google to find out this costume was supposed to be “Bee Arthur” but once I got it, I loved Nick a little more

Dalia Suburgatory

Dalia brings me joy. It’s fun to say that in her voice.

Tie between Nick on New Girl and Dalia from Suburgatory. I could have easily added the entire cast of Happy Endings but I held back. Nick’s old man crankiness is always hilarious and I relate to him on a deep level. Dalia seems like a simple, silly caricature, but she surprises me sometimes (secretly converting to Judaism for weirdo Evan) and I love Carly Chaikin’s deadpan delivery.

Favorite Character on a Least Favorite Show

Olivia Munn Newsroom

As a glasses wearer, I love when characters wear glasses too! Even if it’s just used to make the character appear smart.

I don’t know why Sloan needs two PhDs in economics but god love her, Olivia Munn makes The Newsroom more bearable. I still can’t watch the show without wanting to stick pins in a Jeff Daniels voodoo doll, but as long as Munn’s on the show, I will watch.

Best Comedy

I can totally picture myself pratfalling like Jess. 

I don’t want to sound like a broken record with my New Girl obsession but it’s just so great and enjoyable. I hate having the show on my DVR for more than a day or two, which rarely happens. I am also obsessed with Nashville but I like to save those episodes for a special time. With New Girl, every time is the time to watch it.

Best Drama

Megan Mad Men

Megan rules, suckas!

I am rewatching season 5 of Mad Men, which features some of my favorite storylines: Roger’s awakening/penchant for bribes, Peggy having a career without Don, Ginsberg’s sad backstory, the fall of Lane Pryce, Ken’s writing, Joan’s divorce and semi-rise to power and Don & Megan (I love her!). Whew! I love the well-crafted plotlines, but what I love best about the show is the dialogue. The actors deliver it with such poetic finesse. There were so many memorable conversations between characters, full of beautiful words and meaning.

The new-to-me show I was most surprised to like


I love Jenna’s weird friendship with her Assistant Principal/former guidance counselor Val.

Awkward. I don’t watch MTV so finding this show at all was surprising but once I started watching it, I found a funny, smart, sweet show about family, fitting in, and high school relationships. And there’s a hot dad too, which helps.

Best network decision

Sons of Anarchy

All Charlie Hunnam, all the time.

Giving Kurt Sutter an extra half hour on the last four episodes of Sons of Anarchy. The show as so packed full of action this season, that the extra time allowed more character moments, like when Unser and Tara talked in the hospital. I think the writers do such a great job with these little moments, which are often funny and full of humanity.

Best music


Will someone braid my hair like this please?

Just an excuse to put Nashville on the list? Maybe. But I look forward to hearing what songs are going to be played, especially Deacon’s, which usually have some powerful undercurrent of the episode’s theme.

Best premium cable show

I know I haven’t had HBO for very long and I’m probably way behind on a few shows, but Girls is one of the most exciting new shows I’ve watched. Yes, the characters are a bit miserable and unlikeable, but the show is full of great writing about how it feels to be in your mid-20s and be short on both motivation and money.

Best dressed

Leslie Ann Parks & Rec

This is from an older episode but I covet both those tops.

Hart of Dixie Lemon

A little Lavon eye candy never hurt anyone.

I really can’t pick one lady or even one show for this. Anne and Leslie from Parks & Rec wear tons of super cute dresses and Tucker blouses that you probably couldn’t buy in a mall in Pawnee, Indiana. Likewise, the ladies on Hart of Dixie must ship their printed dresses and leather shorts in from New York and Atlanta. Really, I just want to watch ladies in pretty outfits and both of these shows fulfill this wish!

Best ensemble

The gang!

New Girl could also be most improved–hasn’t season 2 been fantastic? But I wanted to point out how much I truly love the core 5 members of this friend family (thanks for working on Winston, writers!) and trust the writers enough to bring in significant others and bosses that add to the warm ensemble of the show instead of detract from it. Looking forward to more Olivia Munn (there she is again!) and David Walton too!

Best hair

J Lo wins all beauty contests.

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. Also, best makeup and best primetime couture.

Most anticipated new show of 2013

The Americans

The Americans. Matthew Rhys, Russian spies in the 1980s, Graham Yost AND Keri Russell? I’m all in.

Hottest Game of Thrones Character

I miss you so much, my gay bearded prince.

You sexy bastard!

Renly, RIP. Strictly characters that are still alive, Jon Snow. I just love how foxy he looks in that big bushy fur coat.

Best friendship

Leslie Knope Ann Perkins 1

Best Halloween costumes ever?

Leslie and Anne on Parks and Rec. Leslie and anyone is a total dream. She and Ron are amazing too! But I love how this show handles female friendship: these two women genuinely love and care for each other in a way that, say, Liz Lemon and Jenna Maroney do not (too competitive). They spend a lot of time together, even when they are in relationships. They have lunch, collaborate on work projects, and help each other out of tough jams. Plus, as mentioned earlier, they do so while wearing adorable dresses.


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  2. You hate The Newsroom? It’s unbearable? Why? Because you don’t get it? Is it too deep for you? Would you much prefer the Kardashes? I thought this was a “Smartladies” blog?

    anyways, I came here to find out the name of the glasses she was wearing, you couldn’t provide that either.

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