Smart ladies love TV, how will HIMYM end


Last night was the penultimate episode of How I Met Your Mother , a show which has meant a lot to us in our adulthood as we are roughly the same age as Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Barney and feel like we would be friends with them if they were real. A couple of weeks ago we were SHOCKED at the prospect that GASP the mother might die in the finale so here are the SLLS alternative theories:


Future Ted time travels to the wedding and kills everyone.

Barney declares his love for Tim Gunn, leaving Robin at the reception.

Robin has been dead the whole time. Oh wait.

The mother is dead in the future but it’s cool because John Stamos and Dave Coulier move in to help Ted raise his unruly brood.


Robin and Barney are the equivalent of Liz and Dick and have a violent and wild marriage, they break up and get back together more times than the gang can count.

Robin Sparkles makes one FINAL appearance.


This is something I have been reading on the interwebs, if true I might break my TV, “the mother is dead and Ted is now going to marry Robin.”

Ted is a paranoid schizophrenic and these are the tales he has been telling his fellow patients at Belleview Hospital. Lily is the loving doctor. Marshall is everyone’s favorite nurse. Barney is the nurse who will give you extra meds if you pay him. Robin is the nurse who is attractive but unobtainable. Finally the mother is a fellow patient that Ted loves. Wow that one is terribly depressing but you know what, HIMYM can be depressing.


There will be at least ten callbacks to other episodes and I will only catch three of them.

We HOPE that all of the side characters (more Sandy Rivers, please!) show up on How I Met Your Dad, which is getting more interesting the more casting news we get –LOVE both Greta Gerwig AND Anders Holm!

Robin runs away with Gary Blauman and they have cute, funny babies that like to dance to Robyn.


We will most likely cry at the end.


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