Smart ladies love TV, liveblogging the first episode of Twin Peaks


I have seen every David Lynch movie, most of them multiple times, but I have never seen one episode of Twin Peaks, and this weekend in my town, we’re having a Twin Peaks festival, The Great Southern (a reference to the show I don’t get yet)! There’s movie showings, a reading, a listening party, a DJ night and lots more. I hate feeling left out. What better way to celebrate than actually, finally, watching the god damn show.

I have been pretty ignorant about most aspects of  Twin Peaks for 25 years. Here is what I know about it: Laura Palmer, this spread from Sassy, Kyle MacLachlan, pie, Gideon from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the log lady & sweaters.

Joining me for the liveblog is Katie AND my husband PJ! He watched the entire series while I was in grad school, so you will be able to enjoy his assy comments without me typing them out.



  1. This is my favorite post ever. I was wondering how you would would react to Laura Palmer’s mom’s ugly crying.

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