Smart ladies love TV, most anticipated new fall shows 2012

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I think we’re both tired of adding shows to our DVR that we stop watching so we are going to be a little bit more selective this year in adding new shows to the rotation. I watched Hawaii 5-0 for three episodes and we both recorded half a season of Person of Interest and never watched any of it. I will probably start a few more shows than this (Go On, The New Normal) but these appeal the most to me. -M

Ben & Kate

Thankfully the pilot is available on Hulu to preview and I have to say, Ben & Kate gave me the same, warm autumn feelings that  New Girl did last year. I want to hug it and watch it with a cup of tea and some Biscoff cookies. I think this show has the most potential, especially with the addition of some Community writers. It’s a little bizarre, but it’s also sweet and good-hearted. -M


I’ve been excited about this show since I saw the promo last spring during up-fronts.  I am a devoted Sherlock viewer but I think they are making this different enough that people can enjoy both without having to compare the two.  I also love Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. -K

The Mindy Project

I love Mindy Kailing so much and am so excited about Chris Messina being on TV every week. I also think this show is perfectly matched with The New Girl. -K

I watched this pilot too and while it has a lot going for it (good supporting cast including Poppy from Huge and Caitlin from The Good Wife; no, I don’t need to learn their names right now), Mindy is wayyyyy too obsessed with men. I like what they’ve shown of her work life AND the music is killer (Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon,” Watson Twins, M.I.A.). I want a soupcon more feminism and then it’s perfect. -M


TAMI TAYLOR as a country singer is all I need to watch this show (I also only refer to people from FNL as their FNL names). -K

I don’t think any show makes me as excited as Nashville. Katie and I loved/hated Country Strong so if this is all the good parts from that movie (without my girl Leighton) I will probably love it. I have seen this trailer at least 25 times. I think the premise of the show would be better served on cable in 13 episodes a season but whatever. -M


Lest year I tried to watch Alcatraz then gave up on it [hahah. -M] so I’m not sure if I’m going to watch this or not but I will probably DVR it to give it a try.  I also keep getting this confused with Last Resort that has Ben from Felicity and Andre Braugher whom I love. -K

My husband loves JJ Abrams so this will be on the DVR but I don’t think I will watch it unless I know it’s going to be renewed. I am so tired of being burned. -M