Smart ladies love TV, our bets on which shows will be cancelled 2012

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Last year was the first year that none of the shows I watch got cancelled (there have been years where every show I watched either was cancelled or ended).  So maybe I can pick better TV or I just didn’t like too much last year (it’s more likely this, The New Girl and Up All Night were the only new shows I stuck with all season). -K

I put Ringer on the DVR last fall and watched the first episode, knew it was going to be cancelled, and never saw another episode. All episodes of Alcatraz sat on our DVR for several months until we started watching it–but, knowing it was cancelled, I quit because I liked it too much. My husband is still working his way through it. -M

Katie’s top pick for first cancelled show

I was going to say The Mob Doctor because it looks terrible and the name sucks and I am hoping that it isn’t Elementary which could be seen as a genre show and those sometimes don’t catch on (This, Nashville, and The Mindy Project are the only shows I am excited about).  I just re-looked at the schedule and had forgotten about Made in Jersey, it actually looks worse than The Mob Doctor and it’s on Fridays at 9 PM.  I understand that it’s a good fit with Blue Bloods but I think it will go first (also do people watch Blue Bloods?).

Melissa’s top pick for first cancelled show

All the critics are saying The CW shows Emily Owens, MD and Beauty & The Beast are some of the worst shows of the season. The CW never cancels anything until the spring so those things are sticking around, as is Neighbors, which looks HORRIBLE, but it’s on the same night as Modern Family, so I expect it to outlive its welcome. Since I don’t want to have the same answer as Katie I’m going to say Animal Practice (sorry, JoAnna Garcia). NBC premiered one ep after the Olympics and it was misogynistic, confusing, and full of hateful, annoying characters plus one charming monkey (don’t blame him the show is bad). The show also missed a huge opportunity by not using Q and not U’s “So Many Animal Calls” as the theme song.