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Previously on Outlander, Jamie tried to discipline Claire and learned from his mistakes. Claire, however, remained fabulous, though she now has a better awareness of how fucked up the 18th century is towards women.

Claire's "middle of carnal pleasure but some asshole keeps knocking at my door" look

Claire’s “middle of carnal pleasure but some asshole keeps knocking at my door” look

Murtagh is a cunnilingus interuptus this week. He informs Jamie that the Duke of Sandringham is here to hang out with Colum. Sandringham could help Jamie as he has a bit of a crush on the red-head. Claire informs them both that Black Jack is a friend of Sandringham. Murtagh and Jamie decide to consult Ned.

Jamie's "I'm intently listening to a lawyer" smolder

Jamie’s “I’m intently listening to a lawyer” smolder

Ned proposes drafting a document about Black Jack’s crimes to prove to Sandringham that Jack is a jerk. Sandringham can take that to a guy and Jack could get court marshaled thus making it easier to for Ned to win Jamie a pardon.

Guess which one get's a slap to the face --hint it's not our Claire.

Dear Laoghaire, you are no fucking match for Claire.

Laoghaire, Jamie’s old girlfriend is in the bad place in the break-up where you just can’t convince yourself it’s over. She and Claire get into it over Jamie and the ill-wish Laoghaire left under the couples bed. I feel bad for Laoghaire–she is young and delusional. She also tells Claire the Geillis sold her the ill-wish.

Geillis knows all!

Geillis knows all!

Claire goes to Geillis to confront her and finds her at midnight dancing to the full moon. She also finds out that Geillis is with child. Geillis apologizes for selling Laoghaire the ill-wish and confides in Claire that Dougal NOT her flatulent husband is the father of her child. She also claims to have cast a spell to allow the lovers to be together. I’ve missed Geillis and her impish charm.

This should probably be a pick of Claire and the dead baby but instead I went with costume porn.

This should probably be a pic of Claire and the dead baby but instead I went with costume porn.

As they walk back to the village/castle they hear a baby. Geillis tells Claire the child is a fairy changeling and the family put the sickly baby out so that the fairies will give them back their own healthy child. Claire is appalled so she goes to rescue the child only to find it dead. Jamie finds her so that she can sign the paper informing Sandringham what an evil bastard Black Jack is.

The Duke of Sandringham

The Duke of Sandringham

Before Jamie goes to give the letter to the Duke of Sandringham. Basically she goes to get the feel for the man after Geillis tells her that Sandringham is also a Jacobite. They threaten each other into friendship and then drink on it.

Why people should not get drunk if there are weapons about.

Why people should not get drunk if there are weapons about.

On Claire’s way back to the castle she finds out that Dougal has gotten mad drunk after he learned that his wife has just died. Claire is ordered to drug him by the Laird. She and one of the boys manage to get it into his drink and he passes out. Claire runs into Geillis in the village who is super pleased that part of her summoning has worked –oh Geilly you imp.

Dual you say.

Jamie and Murtagh go to bring the letter to Sandringham who is super not pleased with Black Jack and even more not pleased that people know they are friends. Sandringham agrees to help Jamie but Jamie must first be his second in a dual with the McDonalds.



Colum throws a banquet for the Duke at the castle with bagpipes. Claire tells Sandringham in no uncertain terms that she will kill him if anything happens to Jamie during the dual. Just as everyone is having fun, Geillis’ husband drops dead. Geillis and Dougal share a brief smile before Geillis screams. Both Claire and Colum notice the smile.

"Please tell your wife this was NOT my fault"

“Please tell your wife this was NOT my fault”

The ceremonial dual goes off without a hitch until Jamie and the McDonald boys start sassing each other like children –children with swords. Jamie ends up stabbed and as you can imagine Claire is none too pleased.

I love screenshots like this one. It's so funny.

I love screenshots like this one. It’s so funny.

Colum summons Jamie after Claire stitches him up. Colum is mad at Jamie for getting into a fight with the McDonald’s and is super pissed at Dougal for having an affair with Geillis. He sends Dougal to his estate and is making Jamie go with him –without Claire.

More costume porn. The tartan on this show is so pretty.

More costume porn. The tartan on this show is so pretty.

Claire is worried about Jamie going away with a wound without her. As he leaves Jamie makes Claire promise not to see Geillis because Colum will likely be after her next. Claire gets a note from Geillis and immediately breaks her promise to Jamie.

Oh Claire.

Oh Claire.

Clare finds Geillis at home acting as if nothing is wrong. Geilly tells her that she did not send her that note. Claire tries to warn her about Colum but just then the two are arrested for witchcraft. Claire spies Laoghaire smiling.




  1. So many people think that Leery is this more misunderstood child. First of all she is marriageable age. Remember she was going to be punished for loose behavior, and first she tries to kill Claire and than Jamie

    • Hey Kristine,

      I don’t really think of Leery as a child I think of her more as a delusional teenager who’s not dealing with a break-up in an appropriate manor. Her machinations to kill her rival are juvenile (though very effective) and not very thought out. In the end she causes Claire and Jamie to become closer together not further apart. She reminds me a lot of the teenage girls in Lifetime movies who try and kill the girlfriends of their ex-boyfriends.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!

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