Smart ladies love TV, returning fall comedies 2012


We’ve been obsessing about returning fall shows since May. [I’ve also been obsessing about wearing tights and sweaters since May. I want fall!!! -M]

Not only do many shows have edge-of-your-seat cliffhangers which have us yearning for conclusions, others have characters who we miss and want to return to our homes. Here are a few comedies that SLLS are eager to return to the small screen this fall. [For some reason the networks couldn’t bother to make promos for most of these comedies so I have supplied you with bloopers…ENJOY!!!-K]

Come back to the site tomorrow morning when we talk about the dramas.

The Big Bang Theory (8 PM, Thursday, September 27, CBS)

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) and Happy Endings are the most consistently funny comedies on TV in terms of making me laugh out loud.  TBBT is also along with The Golden Girls, House Hunters and Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives one of my go-to shows when there is nothing on TV.  The show-runners for TBBT have done a really great job as the show gets older of introducing new people and keeping the show fresh.  Giving Penny Bernadette and Amy to hang out with is genius.  Now if only they could figure out what to do with Raj (at least let him get over not being able to talk with women). -K

[I will not watch new TBBT episodes (the only character I like is Penny) but hell if I don’t watch it in syndication all the time. -M]

Community (8:30 PM, Friday, October 19, NBC)

Oh why did NBC move this to deathly Fridays with Whitney, a show that should have been cancelled after episode 2? I know I am in the minority of Community watchers, but I like this show just fine, I am just not in love with it. I can’t remember which episode “Remedial Chaos Theory” is. I do plan to keep this show on the DVR, hopefully it’s still good without Dan Harmon and those people that left to do Ben & Kate. More Britta! -M

I have loved Community from the very start and I hope that it can survive without Dan Harmon and the move to Fridays.  I’m actually more worried about it losing Harmon than being behind Whitney (a show I have proudly never watched).  The thing I love the most about Community is that it is never the same show.  Each one is different and I hope that wasn’t just because of Harmon. -K

Happy Endings (9 PM, Tuesday, October 23, ABC)

Katie has been telling me to watch this show since it started, but I was hesitant as I am the kiss of death for shows that are on the bubble. If I love it, it will be cancelled–I was super into all of Andy Richter’s shows, none of which lasted. Anyways, this show makes me consistently laugh more than anything else on TV. The jokes are smart and rapid-fire. I don’t know if I care if Dave ends up with Penny or Alex, which seemed to be the biggest question hanging from last season, but I do hope Brian Austin Green comes back to woo Penny. And I want more of Max driving the limo and Jane and Brad acting just like my husband and I. – M

If I had to pick one show that I would like more people to watch it would be Happy Endings.  I am a fan of the friendship comedy.  I watched Friends religiously, was a huge fan of Stephen Moffat’s Coupling and am still watching How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) but Happy Endings is by far the funniest (Fun Fact: Melissa and I went to college with Zachery Knighton and I saw him naked in Equus).  -K

How I Met Your Mother (8 PM, Monday, September 24, CBS)

I don’t know when I stopped watching HIMYM (maybe when I started watching Gossip Girl again) but with the revelation that Barney and Robin end up together I might tune in again. It should only last a season though so Cobie Smulders can go be in Joss Whedon’s new SHIELD show. -M

Barney and Robin 4EVA!!!  Oh HIMYM you have done such a better job than Friends of staying current.  Unlike Friends I am the exact same age as the folks on HIMYM and so I have always related to their shenanigans.  Though it isn’t as laugh out loud funny as Happy Endings, HIMYM is far more compelling and grounded in reality.  It saddens me that Cobie Smulders wasn’t nominated for an Emmy for the episode where she found out she was infertile.  It is one of the best episodes of a comedy I’ve seen, being both funny and poignant. -K

New Girl (9 PM, Tuesday, September 25, FOX)

I think New Girl might be the only new show from last year I absolutely loved.  I liked Up All Night but often it sat on my DVR, I watched every episode of New Girl LIVE.  That’s how you know it’s love.  I seriously can’t wait for it’s return.  I wish it had been on for four seasons so it was in syndication.  I think I might be in serious Schmidt withdrawal.  They made me like Dermot Mulroney whom I often hate for no reason at all (he was an awesome fancy man).  -K

This show is the only comedy my non-TV obsessed husband (I know, right?) will stop everything and watch. That, to me, speaks volumes of the quality and appeal of  New Girl. This season, I want Nick to discover his life’s course, Schmidt to stop being such a prick, Winston to be more integral part of the show & Jess to try to hit on dudes all the time because that shit’s hilarious. -M

Parks and Recreation (9:30 PM, Thursday, September 20, NBC)

I wanted to go to DC and stalk the cast when they filmed there this summer, but the thought of even seeing Amy Poehler in person gave me a panic attack.  I hope we get to see more of the city council process and Leslie’s role in it, like a town meeting gone even worse.  Hiring comedian Joe Mande  as a writer was such a phenomenal idea–I’m convinced P&R is going to get even funnier this season. -M

Up All Night (8:30 PM, Thursday, September 20, NBC)

Everyone on this show is awesome.  I wish Jason Lee would become a full-time cast member.  I also sometimes wish it were funnier, that being said Maya Rudolph is amazing as Ava and I have high hopes this show gets better as Amy gets older. -K

I agree, the cast of Up All Night is one of the best on TV. I don’t know what will happen with no Ava (the show, not the person). It makes me nervous.  I don’t do well with change. Is Missy leaving the show? Reagan’s brother is moving to town? Meh. Though I wouldn’t mind more Gene and Terry. Oooh or Will Forte! This show has great guest stars. “Back it up into my face and be with me forever.” -M

The League (10:30 PM, Thursday, October 11, FX)

This show returns to FX in October! Things I’m hoping for in season four:  Jenny wins the Shiva, annoying Ellie mysteriously disappears and Rafi returns to make things even weirder and more uncomfortable. -M

I love The League. I turned Melissa on to The League. I have only seen the first season all the way through.  It’s official–I forget that the FX channel exists.  I’m so sorry Louie and The League. -K