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Yesterday morning, we posted the comedies we are most looking forward to returning this fall. Here, we tackle the long list of returning dramas and pick out a few of our faves.

Bones (8 PM, Monday, September 17, Fox)

Oh Bones you never fail to make me happy.  I once read a review of this show that referred to it as a “workplace comedy” and I can’t stress enough how true that is.  Bones is a procedural with pleasant, lovely, often quirky and sometimes funny people.  I hadn’t planned on including it then I saw the preview the other day and was like “oh Bones I can’t wait for you to come back on!”  -K

Doctor Who (9 PM, Saturday, September 1, BBC America)

I’m both excited and sad about the upcoming season of Doctor Who for the same reason I love the chemistry between the three leads, Matt Smith, Karen Gillin, and Arthur Darvill.  This season is the last for Gillan and Darvill and they will definitely be missed.  This and Sherlock are two shows that I often recommend to people.  Both are written and executive produced by Stephen Moffat, an amazing writer who also created Coupling. -K

[I think Matt Smith is foxy. -M]

Fringe (9 PM, Friday, September 28, FOX)

I gust re-watched all 4 seasons and Fringe might actually be my favorite GOOD show on TV (my favorite BAD show on TV is Grey’s Anatomy).  This is its final season and it’s 13 episodes.  On one hand I’m glad it gets to finish its run and I don’t have to worry about it being cancelled but I would have loved nine seasons of this show like the X Files got (I know I’m in the minority but I liked the last two seasons).  I will miss Walter, Peter, Olivia, and Astrid so much when it is over.  Fringe has done such a god job of making you care for characters who often are dealing with other worldly concerns and operate in the grey.  -K

We still have 8 episodes of Fringe left on the DVR from last season so I can’t make cute comments about the future of the show but I will cry horrible heaving sobs when it ends.  Not only will I miss the principals (K, you forgot Broyles! HE RULES) but also Lincoln, September, Nina, Dr. Jones, and my favorite Fringe character, Brandon. You know the adorbs chubby one who works with Nina. Him. -M

The Good Wife (9 PM, Sunday, September 30, CBS)

I’m still wondering why Alicia bought her old house–I thought she loved living in the city. I like this show best when politics are front and center, and not romantic drama, so I hope whatever is going on with Peter and Eli is amazing. I also want more Christine Baranski and to see Alicia and Kalinda become friends again–one season apart was too much. Perhaps they will bond over Kalinda’s feared ex husband? -M

I love the Good Wife but I also missed the last three episodes of last season so I might not love it as much as I thought I did. I am excited to see more Josh Charles and Alan Cumming because I do miss them.  -K

Grey’s Anatomy (9 PM, Thursday, September 27, ABC)

Where we left off, half the staff in a plane crash that killed LEXIE!!!  Shonda Rhimes killed Lexie Grey I’m still devastated.  -K

[We watched the Twitter episode of Grey’s in school and I texted with Katie the whole time & asked what was going on. -M]

Heart of Dixie (8 PM, Tuesday, October 2, CW)

Hopefully this shows return will help us with our wait for the new season of Bunheads.  You should watch this show for the Fug Girls “Fug the Show” recaps for they are hilarious. -K

I plan to convince Katie to liveblog a few Hart of Dixies this year. Our HoD gchats are the stuff of legend. We promise not to say LEMON, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?? too much. -M

Heart of Dixie

I couldn’t find a promo for Season 2 of Heart of Dixie so I have blessed you dear readers with “Hot Neighbor Wade” and “Hot Mayor Lavon”…

Parenthood (10 PM, Tuesday, September 11, NBC)

I am a huge fan of Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights 4EVA) and Lauren Graham and though I enjoy Parenthood I still sometimes wish it were better.  I am glad it’s returning because it has touches of greatness about it and it’s my fault that I compare it to FNL and Sarah to Lorelei.  -K

[I love Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman but Erika Christensen bugs the crap out of me. I watch this semi-regularly but it just makes me want to move to Berkeley & eat outdoors. -M]

Revenge (9 PM, Sunday, September 30, ABC)

I watched all of season 1 this summer and I’m dying to know what happened to my favorite Hamptons residents. Did Victoria live, instead sending her backstabbing BFF Lydia to her deserving death? Does Fauxmanda’s “baby” belong to Jack, or–better yet–Emily’s revenge sensei Takeda? How many snazzy outfits will Nolan average per episode? Will Connor Paolo learn to act? -M

Sons of Anarchy (10 PM, Tuesday, September 11, FX)

Katie doesn’t watch Sons, but I love this rough and tumble group of northern California bikers. Each season Kurt Sutter treats us to a cliffhanger–last season it was, “What’s going to happen to the club now that Jax is in charge?” I’m always concerned about Tara’s (Maggie Siff AKA Rachel, my favorite of Don’s girlfriends on Mad Men) safety and now that her man runs the club I worry that we will have to see her get kidnapped ten more times. Please don’t hurt Tara! -M

[It’s in my Netflix queue with Luther! -K]

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