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Every week, I will post what I have been listening to, watching and reading lately (& maybe an “other”).


Our local record store was selling sealed promos for dirt cheap, and we picked up everything they had on Constellation Records, which is mostly known as the home of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and for putting out Canadian music. We got the CD version of an LP I already have, and Eric Chenaux’s Skullsplitter, among others. I played Skullsplitter first, drawn to the artwork and the promise of experimental guitar (WHO AM I with my love of this stuff???), but then there’s his voice. It’s almost like something from a 70s easy listening song (I often think of my favorite Stephen Bishop), but when it’s combined with the guitar, it’s a folk balladry I haven’t heard before.

HOLY SHIT. I may have spent some time playing his live videos and crying. It’s just so beautiful.

Some quick picks…

Bob Boilen has talked about SOAK a lot lately, and we don’t have much taste overlap, but Before We Forgot How to Dream has a pleasant M. Ward quality that I find enchanting this time of year.

Like most music in the noise/electro/experimental vein, most of Julia Holter’s output makes me a passive listener. It’s great to listen to while I’m doing something else, but I won’t put it on just to listen to. Is this is a new, more accessible side to her? I hope so.


After listening to Katie talk about it for years, I finally started Vikings with my Amazon Prime subscription (which I now can’t get rid of, because I effing LOVE this show AND Catastrophe). Travis Fimmel is just magnetic. People often compare Vikings to Sons of Anarchy, which I understand because of the structure and the violence, but the reason for me is that Fimmel reminds me of Charlie Hunnam after he learned to act (around season 3). I’ve watched eleven episodes in seven days, which is something of a record for me. I do not understand how Jessalyn Gilsig keeps getting work, though.

I would estimate that about 95% of my conversations with Katie on social media the past few weeks have been about Fargo (the rest, our hate-watching of True Detective). Sometimes I pull this trailer up on YouTube and continually replay it–I am responsible for half its views. “The word ‘we’ is a castle, hon, with a moat and a drawbridge. Don’t be a prisoner of ‘we’.”

There’s also this one, probably a reference to the Waffle Hut from the trailer:

And this:

At this point, I feel like my love of this show is turning me into a crazy person.

These have been up for a while, but I am looking forward to Carol. I liked The Price of Salt very much!:


Taylor Swift’s Tweets to Nicki Minaj Are Peak “White Feminism”. I love internet beef because there are always smart, analytical posts like this written in response. As always, don’t read these comments.

Body of a Dad, Stamina of a God: Bill Clinton’s Bikini Bod Workout. Sometimes I dream of writing posts like this but then I realize: 1) it’s hard to be that funny and 2) I have a full time job. Those pictures of him stretching making me laugh so hard.

Why Don’t People Stop Watching True Detective if They Hate it So Much? I linked to this article above, but I wanted to point out how much I LOVE Margaret Lyons’ explanation of hate-watching. A sample:  Hate-watching True Detective is fun! It’s also an interesting part of the TV-scape right now because of its pedigree, reputation, and all the HBO-so-fancy ephemera, but it’s also so far up its own ass there’s a pancreatic duct asking Vince Vaughn for directions.

Flying Nun: The untold story of a trailblazing indie label. I have been picking up as many of the Flying Nun reissues on Captured Tracks that I can afford. This post has some great quotes from the bands and founders of the seminal label.

AKA last year's terrible song of the summer. Via.

AKA last year’s terrible song of the summer. Via.

Still Looking for the Song of the Summer. Each post in this series begins thus: Last year’s putative “Song of the Summer” was a national embarrassment; as a result, American songs—and for safe measure, all songs in English—are no longer eligible. Each month, until summer has died, the Awl will present alternatives. Another laugh-out-loud article I wish I’d written, there’s thankfully one from June too when you watch all the hilarious videos posted this week.

What pop culture have you been getting into this week?

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